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Using Payroll to Reimburse Employees for Travel Expenses

Introduction With the introduction of advanced travel expense platforms like SAP Concur, for virtually all large companies, paper-based expense reports that are completed manually and processed manually are a relic of the past.  Today, expense reporting is a streamlined and highly automated process.  In addition, with the transition to having credit cards readily accepted everywhere, […]

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Methods for Corporate Cardholder Training

Introduction Developing a robust set of procedures for Corporate cardholders is only effective if there are processes in place to ensure that employees with credit cards are properly trained.  Upfront validations and backend controls for review and approval can reduce the financial risk; however, transactions that don’t comply with company policies can be frustrating for […]

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Fraud Control using Oversight’s Risk Mitigation Solutions

Introduction The risk of fraudulent transactions continues to impact the ability of companies to expand the distribution and allowable usage of both the Purchasing Card and the Travel Card.  While the appropriate use of merchant category codes (MCCs) and monetary limits are cornerstones of any card fraud prevention structure, in recent years new tactics and […]

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Simplifying T&E Receipt Requirements

Introduction With the use of such tools as automated feeds from card providers, improved T&E processing software, and the use of appropriate receipt submission requirements, companies are often able to meet the regulatory requirements for substantiating business expenses without sacrificing processing efficiency.  On a recent Peeriosity PeercastTM, a Peeriosity member company shared their approach to […]

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Travel & Expense Report Audit Percentages and Frequency

Introduction Centralizing travel expense report processing as part of Shared Services requires a more sophisticated approach, with travelers and reviewing managers located hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from the processing center.  Yes, placing responsibility and accountability with the department manager responsible for the expense is necessary, but that does not fully excuse Shared […]

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Transitioning T&E Support to an Overseas Location

Introduction As is the case with almost any major business process area, the opportunity to shift support of the Travel Expense (T&E) process to an off-shore location can be an attractive one, especially for major companies with a large employee base and a robust corporate card program.  This was the situation for a Peeriosity member […]

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Effectively Configuring and Utilizing Concur Travel & Expense

Introduction Results from a recent Peeriosity poll regarding the system utilized to support Travel & Expense processing showed that 80% of our member companies currently utilize the Concur Travel Expense system.  This research abstract highlights the experiences of one of those companies in implementing this system and what they have learned in carrying out this […]

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Implementing a One Card Program for PCard and T&E

Introduction With a One Card program design, many companies have reduced their overall process effort and cost simplified the program administration function and enhanced overall employee satisfaction with their cardholder services.  Some of the benefits of the One Card model include higher spend rebates, consolidated account management, enhanced expense reporting, a streamlined data feed, simplified […]

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