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Improving Employee Engagement in Shared Services

Introduction Employee engagement can be defined as the level of passion and commitment that employees have for the organization where they are employed.  Highly engaged employees are more likely to be self-motivated about their work and strive to contribute to the organization’s success.  Their energy and enthusiasm are the launching points from which they approach […]

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Defining the Blueprint for Shared Services / GBS Scope

Introduction Implementing Shared Services and related organizational models including Integrated Business Services and Global Business Services creates a unique opportunity for companies to redefine work processes and dramatically change how work streams are defined and accomplished.  By taking activities that were secondary and making their optimization a primary objective, by being part of an organization […]

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Driving Shared Services / GBS Success with Organizational Design

Introduction A significant number of Shared Services / GBS organizations utilize unique organizational designs that have directly contributed to achieving excellent results in improving not only the overall performance of their operation but also the satisfaction level of their employees.  There are several effective strategies for Shared Services organizational design, including how the operation is […]

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The Impact of Shared Services / GBS on Functional Boundaries

Introduction As companies continue to evolve their Shared Services models, in many cases functional boundaries are challenged, which can increase opportunities to leverage process change methods and new technologies by eliminating turf battles that are all too common between functions or departments. For many, the processes within scope are more strongly aligned with “Shared Services” […]

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Formalizing Specialized Leadership Roles in GBS / Shared Services

Introduction Shared Services and Global Business Services are models for the delivery of support services that leverage technologies and scale, yet differ in many significant ways from centralized services, which can often include unnecessary bureaucracy and a rigid structure that may be disconnected from the needs of internal customers. Shared Services organizations need to be […]

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Key Factors to Attract and Retain Talent in Shared Services / GBS

Introduction As the global economy recovers, Shared Services / Global Business Services organizations are under increasing pressure to both understand and influence the key factors for attracting and retaining talent.  At Peeriosity, member companies can easily see the approaches of their peers, with the ability to directly connect with peers facing similar challenges, as a […]

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Master Data Management in Shared Services / Global Business Services

Introduction The move to Shared Services / Global Business Services for many large companies with multiple locations and business units has provided tangible benefits that go well beyond cost savings, with improvements to the accuracy and efficiency of many related work processes.  As Shared Service organizations have increased the scope of their services, they are […]

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Formal Continuous Improvement Programs in Shared Services

Introduction While many companies realize significant savings when first transitioning to Shared Services, uncovering additional savings opportunities can be a challenge without the proper focus. One attribute of many successful Shared Services operations is a well-established Continuous Improvement program that is ingrained into the culture of the operation. The topic of Continuous Improvement (or Continuous […]

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Transforming Metrics for Shared Services

Introduction Designing and implementing a robust performance measurement process is a key success factor for Shared Services or Global Business Services organizations.  Doing so correctly involves more than simply adhering to a balanced scorecard approach, where you have defined measures for cost, quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.  Performance measures need to be tailored to meet […]

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