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Performing Travel and Expense Globally on One System Instance

Introduction Standardizing on a common system platform with as few instances as possible is an important enabler for streamlined processes, in addition to reducing technology support costs.  What is true for your company’s ERP system is also true for bolt-on … Continue reading

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Consolidating the Fixed Asset Process into Shared Services

Introduction For manufacturing companies with large production facilities, many with more than $100 million USD in active asset valuation, making the decision for how to best complete the work steps in the end-to-end Fixed Asset property process becomes complicated.  While … Continue reading

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The Road to Building Enterprise Reporting Services

Introduction Enterprise Reporting Services partners with the business units and functional organizations to ensure they have the reporting platforms, tools, and support necessary to perform their work more efficiently and effectively.  Having this role as a part of Shared Services … Continue reading

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Key Success Factors in HRSS Employee Onboarding and Training

Introduction Ensuring that new employees have a successful onboarding experience is critical as it relates to both their initial integration and ongoing satisfaction.  How major corporations structure the HRSS employee onboarding process, and the initial training that takes place for … Continue reading

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Outsourcing the Order-to-Cash Process

Introduction The past decade of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has seen the growth of a multi-billion dollar industry that has its share of successes, notable failures, and many experiences that fall somewhere in between.   Outsource provider employees can be “offshore”, … Continue reading

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Using Winshuttle to Optimize SAP in Shared Services

Introduction As companies look to leverage new innovative technologies, there are a wide range of options available, from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence applications to specialized software that automates one part of a labor-intensive process.  One such specialized … Continue reading

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What is Shared Services?

A Definition Shared Services is a business model that enables resources to be leveraged across an entire organization resulting in lower costs with agreed upon customer-service levels. In many instances, Shared Services is a separate business unit created within a … Continue reading

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Enhancing the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) User Experience

Introduction At major corporations across the globe, the Purchase-to-Pay process can be very complex; involving thousands of suppliers and employees who represent many different departments within the company.  While the shift to an end-to-end process design has helped to break … Continue reading

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Shared Services Design and Governance Structure

Introduction The Shared Services model, when you include more recent descriptors like Global Shared Services, Global Business Services, and Global Integrated Services, has been a staple of large global companies for decades. Looking at a profile of member companies participating … Continue reading

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Travel Reimbursements for Job Candidates

With an increasingly competitive labor market for new hires from the best universities and graduate programs, simplifying the process for job candidates to travel for onsite interviews is important, particularly when candidates may not have easy access to cover big … Continue reading

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