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Setting Project Priorities for Intelligent Automation

Introduction In the new world of Intelligent Automation, with innovative solutions to automate routine tasks that require accessing multiple systems and applications, having a clear process for identifying priorities has never been more important.  Because your list of available opportunities … Continue reading

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Enhancing Process Quality in HR Shared Services

Introduction Delivering high-quality services has been a core tenet for most HR Shared Services (HRSS) operations from their inception.  While this is a noble objective, HRSS organizations can find it challenging to make improvements in quality once the initial benefits … Continue reading

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Dramatically Improving the Manual Journal Entry Process

Introduction While there are many benefits to implementing integrated software systems and bolt-on technologies, significant performance improvements are often possible from a direct inspection and redesign of underlying work processes.  While it’s never a good idea to automate a bad … Continue reading

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Influencing End-to-End Process Optimization Across Functional Silos

Introduction To maximize the value of Shared Services, a broader view of how work flows across the enterprise needs to be considered. In most cases, the efficiency (or inefficiency) can significantly impact costs not only in Shared Services, but for … Continue reading

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Successfully Implementing End-to-End Process Design for Order-to-Cash

Introduction While the concept of end-to-end process design for Order-to-Cash (O2C) has been around for a number of years now, the reality is that a large number of companies are still struggling to make any significant progress in that area.  … Continue reading

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Driving Up Usage Levels for Electronic Supplier Payments

Introduction A variety of electronic payment options for suppliers have been around for a number of years now, but a significant percentage of vendor payments are still made by paper check.  This is especially true in North America, which tends … Continue reading

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Creating a Shared Services Governance Structure that Ensures Alignment with Key Stakeholders

Introduction An effective governance structure can strengthen Shared Services in a number of different ways, including its alignment with company goals, resource prioritization, and focusing on the needs of its key stakeholders on a more comprehensive basis.  The approach taken … Continue reading

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Identifying Fraud within Travel Expense (T&E)

Introduction Achieving compliance with company travel policy can help control overall travel spend and increase employee confidence by creating a culture where employees are confident that all employees follow the same rule book to comply with policy requirements.  Whether or … Continue reading

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Employee Contact Center Structure and Level of Automation

Introduction The use of a call center, help desk, or service desk to provide a focused point of contact for internal and external customer inquiries can be effective in reducing costs and complexity, as well as a method to capture … Continue reading

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The Real Story – How Many Bots Today? In One Year?

Introduction One way to cut through the excitement and get clarity on what results are real and what is hype is to consider a very simple measure – the number of bots that have been fully implemented.  While a company … Continue reading

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