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When Do You Require a Purchase Order for Indirect Spend?

Introduction For Accounts Payable departments, transactions that are require little to no human intervention are the most efficient and require the least amount of resources.  While processing invoices without an associated purchase order is also straight-forward, the reality is that by not having a purchase order there are many possible problems, including a greater risk […]

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How a Global Company Transformed the T&E Process

Introduction For many Shared Services/GBS organizations, after Payroll, Travel & Expense (T&E) is the most visible process to company employees, even though it might be the smallest process when measured by number of transactions, number of employees, and overall delivery costs. T&E is a process that directly impacts every senior leader in the company, and […]

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Corporate Card Liability and Payment Practices

Introduction When designing your Corporate Travel program, in addition to selecting software for processing travel expenses and the preferred card product for employees to use when traveling, you also need to decide whether the company or the employee has card liability, and which party makes payment to the credit card company. Implementing or modifying a […]

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Lessons Learned Implementing Shared Services/GBS

One of the most frequent questions we hear from our members is this one:  “What are the lessons learned from other companies that will help us successfully implement our Shared Services/GBS initiative?” To answer this question, we pulled together a list of what we consider to be the 19 most important success factors to successfully […]

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Setting Priorities for RPA and Intelligent Automation Opportunities

Introduction Intelligent Automation including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions have become mainstream for large companies with developed Shared Services or Business Services organizations. With thousands of transactions each month with different touch points and multiple system applications for every process area within scope, there can be a seemingly endless list of possibilities to leverage Intelligent […]

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Creating a Metrics Hierarchy and Implementing Joint Accountability

Introduction Shared Services and Global Business Service organizations achieve success by being experts in defining standard global processes where exceptions and deviations are understood and resolved quickly so that deliverables for low cost, efficient processes, with high customer satisfaction are consistently achieved.  Having a robust framework for measurement is critical.  The most advanced companies will […]

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KPI’s and Metric-Driven Continuous Improvement in Order-to-Cash (O2C)

Introduction Most Accounts Receivable organizations have historically been measured on overall Accounts Receivable levels, overdue accounts, and department cost. But, in today’s challenging business climate, with companies implementing more advanced technology and end-to-end process design, there is a much more compelling need to measure and evaluate the entire Order-to-Cash (O2C) process.  How to best approach […]

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HR Web Portal – From Chatbox to Virtual Assistant

Introduction Having an effective HR web portal in place can take a significant load off the entire Human Resources organization.  The challenge is not only properly designing and implementing this type of solution, but also driving up usage levels by the employee base.  What is becoming a too frequent occurrence is that some companies do […]

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