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Defining the Responsibilities of Global Process Owners (GPO)

Introduction The use of Global Process Owners is an organizational design that has been around for a number of years now and is widely accepted at most companies utilizing a Shared Services organizational structure.  While the concept of the Global … Continue reading

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Segregation of Duties in a World of Robots

Introduction The addition of Intelligent Automation to business processes can eliminate many of the routine work steps human processors are required to complete, with the added benefit of zero errors, assuming each step is defined properly, and the impact of … Continue reading

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Implementing a One Card Program for PCard and T&E

Introduction With a One Card program design, many companies have reduced their overall process effort and cost, simplified the program administration function, and enhanced overall employee satisfaction with their cardholder services.  Some of the benefits of the One Card model … Continue reading

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Administering One-Time Payments to Non-Vendors

Introduction In the world of Accounts Payable processing for large companies with billions in annual revenue, streamlining processes and eliminating complexity wherever possible is critical.  In some cases, the efforts required don’t seem to be justified based on the nature … Continue reading

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Consolidating the Account Reconciliation Process

Introduction For companies with operations in many locations domestically and around the globe, the number of accounting transactions to record every minute detail of business activity can be daunting, as can the process of reconciling those transactions for completeness and … Continue reading

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Effectively Defining the Scope of HR Shared Services

Introduction Determining the process areas that best fit within the scope of HRSS depends on a number of factors that can vary from company to company, including geographic design, culture, and technology infrastructure.  This research abstract highlights the experiences of … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned in Rolling Out a Shared Services Branding Initiative

Introduction Ensuring that your Shared Services operation is appropriately branded can help to properly position this critical organization within your company.  Due in part to the transactional nature of many processes typically found within Shared Services, employees, business partners, and … Continue reading

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Member Case Study #7 – Implementing Intelligent Automation

Introduction Since launching our Intelligent Automation research area in late 2017, every month we have delivered insightful Peercasts featuring member companies’ experiences, sometimes using a panel format with multiple member companies discussing the pros and cons of available solutions, and … Continue reading

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Defining a Captive or BPO Sourcing Strategy for Shared Services

Introduction Outsourcing back-office processes that are often found in a Shared Services center continues to be popular as external service providers improve the quality of their services and methods for how to best transfer and manage work processes becomes routine.  … Continue reading

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Successfully Transitioning to a New Corporate Card Provider

Introduction While the benefits of switching to a new corporate card provider can be obvious, the actual transition can be challenging if not carried out with the appropriate levels of caution and due diligence.  In this research abstract, we will … Continue reading

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