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Standard Operating Procedure Quality Audits

Introduction In the world of Shared Services where hundreds of employees work together to complete work activities across a wide range of back-office processes and geographies, managing an ongoing change process where standard procedures are created and frequently updated as … Continue reading

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Rethinking HR Service Delivery

Introduction For many companies, the full transformation of HR has yet to happen, even though the transition of transactional process activity into regional Shared Services centers, and creation of Centers of Excellence for strategic processes for many has been a … Continue reading

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Using Process Discovery Software in Intelligent Automation

Introduction For Intelligent Automation projects, and specifically Robotic Process Automation (RPA), where the go/no go threshold is significantly lower due to low implementation costs and short project timelines, creating a prioritized list of project candidates can become a challenge since … Continue reading

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Successfully Complying with Lease Accounting Standard ASC 842

Introduction One important area from Record-to-Report that is often overlooked during the consolidation of core functions is that of Lease Accounting, which became more complex with the release of ASC 842 which went into effect at the end of 2018.  … Continue reading

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Integrating Acquisitions into Shared Services

Introduction Even when Shared Services is involved early in the typically complex Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) process, carrying out the actual integration with an existing operation can be quite challenging.  With often daunting issues faced in such areas as technology, … Continue reading

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Leveraging Mobile Device Technology to Streamline the T&E Process

Introduction The introduction of mobile device technology has had a big impact on all of us.  From eliminating the need for a separate watch, GPS device, scanner, or camera, mobile devices have changed the world.  Because of their unique capabilities, … Continue reading

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Experiences in Outsourcing Purchase-to-Pay Process Areas

Introduction As external service providers continue to improve their service offerings, more companies are including outsourcing as an important part of their overall strategy for Purchase-to-Pay.  With the significant introduction of Intelligent Automation at many outsourcing providers, their capabilities have … Continue reading

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Member Case Study #12 – Implementing Intelligent Automation

Introduction Since launching our Intelligent Automation research area in late 2017, every month we have delivered insightful Peercasts featuring member companies’ experiences, sometimes using a panel format with multiple member companies discussing the pros and cons of available solutions, and … Continue reading

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Impact of Multiple Facilities for a Common Team

Introduction The basic principles of Shared Services are to transition work from multiple locations to a centralized location, where centralized delivery is accomplished by a business that is responsive to customer needs, rather than a traditional view of centralization that … Continue reading

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Improving Garnishment Processing with Process Re-Design and Technology

Introduction Due to the myriad of governmental agencies and regulations, having an effective Garnishment Processing function can be very challenging to develop and oversee.  Due to the sensitive nature of the issues typically related to wage garnishments, it is critical … Continue reading

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