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Employee Contact Center Structure and Level of Automation

Introduction The use of a call center, help desk, or service desk to provide a focused point of contact for internal and external customer inquiries can be effective in reducing costs and complexity, as well as a method to capture … Continue reading

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The Real Story – How Many Bots Today? In One Year?

Introduction One way to cut through the excitement and get clarity on what results are real and what is hype is to consider a very simple measure – the number of bots that have been fully implemented.  While a company … Continue reading

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Implementing an Effective Risk Ranking Process for Balance Sheet Reconciliations

Introduction Being able to effectively evaluate the reconciliation frequency for balance sheet accounts can involve the review of a variety of factors, both quantitative and qualitative.  While the ultimate objective of balancing effective controls with process efficiency is the same … Continue reading

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Creating an Employee Experience Focus in a Shared Services Environment

Introduction As companies continue to mature in their approach to Shared Services in such important ways as geographic design, integrated services, and advanced technology, it is critical to ensure the staff finds their work fulfilling and that the workplace is … Continue reading

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Expense Report Approvals for Executives and their Admins

Introduction In a world of heightened scrutiny for anything out of the ordinary, the cost to a company for missteps that become public can go well beyond the out-of-pocket expenses, with a direct hit on the stock price and a … Continue reading

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Organizational Structure for the Collections Process

Introduction When we looked at the organizational alignment of the Credit Function in one of last month’s articles, we noted that Credit was part of an Order-to-Cash process in Shared Services for 39% of companies, with 22% having credit reporting … Continue reading

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Creating a Business Case for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Introduction Excitement about potential savings might be enough to get funding for a small RPA pilot; however, when an implementation requires licensing for Bots plus consulting fees for project assistance, the costs can quickly become significant. Knowing that a small … Continue reading

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Organizational Responsibility for the Escheatment Process

Introduction In the United States, the Escheatment process, also commonly known as the Unclaimed Property process, consists of turning over unclaimed or abandoned checks, whose owners cannot be traced, to a state authority.  Every company is required to file unclaimed … Continue reading

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Improving Accounts Payable Processing Efficiency Through OCR Technology

Introduction Even though Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has been readily available for several decades now, a significant number of the major companies in the world do not currently utilize it.  With the recent advances in this technology, which have … Continue reading

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Account Reconciliation Standards and Quality Control Reviews

Introduction Applying advanced technology solutions to overly complicated and non-standard processes makes implementation more difficult, reduces the benefit, and complicates process improvement efforts by requiring modifications that require carefully coordinated changes in procedures and technology.  While there is almost always … Continue reading

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