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Shared Services Design and Governance Structure

Introduction The Shared Services model, when you include more recent descriptors like Global Shared Services, Global Business Services, and Global Integrated Services, has been a staple of large global companies for decades. Looking at a profile of member companies participating … Continue reading

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Travel Reimbursements for Job Candidates

With an increasingly competitive labor market for new hires from the best universities and graduate programs, simplifying the process for job candidates to travel for onsite interviews is important, particularly when candidates may not have easy access to cover big … Continue reading

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Making the Transition to a Global Payroll Operation

Introduction Globalization of the Payroll function is a high priority for approximately 40% of the companies with global operations that participated in recent Peeriosity research on this topic.  While the benefits of a global design can be significant, being able … Continue reading

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Cultivating a Continuous Improvement Mindset within Shared Services

Introduction Does your Shared Services organization have an embedded culture of personal and collective accountability to deliver increasing value to your customers that gives them a strategic advantage in their markets?  For a Shared Services organization to evolve and move … Continue reading

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for the Month-End Close

Introduction The impact of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools on Shared Services is rapidly increasing across many labor-intensive work processes where repetitive steps are required to access multiple systems to collect information by following defined and repeatable work steps to … Continue reading

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Successfully Developing a Metrics Dashboard for the Order-to-Cash Process Area

Introduction Most Accounts Receivable organizations have historically been measured on overall Accounts Receivable levels, overdue accounts, and department cost. But, in today’s challenging business climate, with companies implementing more advanced technology and end-to-end process design, there is a much more … Continue reading

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Using a Help Desk to Improve AP Customer Support

Introduction Segmenting Accounts Payable work activities to identify those that would be best supported by a call center or help desk has been a design element for the majority of Shared Services organizations, with resulting benefits including improved visibility to … Continue reading

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Performing Data Mining and Analytics in a Shared Services Environment

Introduction As mature Shared Services organizations look to expand their suite of service offerings, one area that seems to be well-suited is Data Mining & Analytics.  Being able to provide this type of expert service to the company as a … Continue reading

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Driving Global Travel Card Process Standardization

Introduction As more companies transition to global designs for Shared Services, one of the most significant impacts is on the business travel process, where the majority of employees most impacted are typically either upper management or are otherwise directly involved … Continue reading

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Utilization of a Centralized Document Repository in Shared Services

Introduction A document management system or “Document Repository” is a computer system used to track and store electronic documents. Many companies have implemented a Centralized Document Repository to facilitate global access and real-time updates of documents. Shared Services can be … Continue reading

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