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Driving Global Travel Card Process Standardization

Introduction As more companies transition to global designs for Shared Services, one of the most significant impacts is on the business travel process, where the majority of employees most impacted are typically either upper management or are otherwise directly involved … Continue reading

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Utilization of a Centralized Document Repository in Shared Services

Introduction A document management system or “Document Repository” is a computer system used to track and store electronic documents. Many companies have implemented a Centralized Document Repository to facilitate global access and real-time updates of documents. Shared Services can be … Continue reading

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Improving Employee Engagement in Shared Services

Introduction Employee engagement can be defined as the level of passion and commitment that employees have for the organization where they are employed.  Highly-engaged employees are more likely to be self-motivated about their work and strive to contribute to the … Continue reading

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Implementing a Robust Human Resources Web Portal

  Introduction Having an effective HR web portal in place can take a significant load off the entire Human Resources organization.  The challenge is not only properly designing and implementing this type of solution, but then driving up usage levels … Continue reading

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Key Practices Related to the Tagging of Fixed Assets

When dealing with fixed assets, the two keys to ensuring proper internal controls in this area are having an accurate fixed asset master file and being able to determine the location of the asset itself.  To accomplish this verification and … Continue reading

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Utility Invoice Processing – PO Requirements and Outsourcing

Energy costs are one of the largest expense categories a company has, which makes it a priority to understand and manage utility-related data.  Yes, if the lights were out last month at one of your company locations, you probably need … Continue reading

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A Case Study in Using RPA and AI in Accounts Receivable

As Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) quickly become part of the nomenclature for Shared Services, almost every conference topic or vendor pitch includes mention of the terms.  While the world is exploding with excitement, the reality of … Continue reading

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Developing a Comprehensive Shared Services Performance Measurement Package

While individual process areas often have very detailed performance measurements related to cost, productivity, quality, and customer service, many times the overall Shared Services operation struggles to present their overall results in a concise and effective manner.  The challenge for … Continue reading

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The Benefits and Risks of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

In a world of heightened security, where any access to a company’s systems risks introducing security breaches or viruses, carefully evaluating and setting a policy for the authorized use of employee-owned devices isn’t a trivial exercise.  A decision to allow … Continue reading

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Controls for Timely Submission of Employee Expense Reports

Timely submission of expense reports by employees can help improve the quality and efficiency of the overall Travel & Expense process.  The longer an employee waits, the more likely there are errors or omissions or lost receipts that require special … Continue reading

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