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Using Celonis Process Mining to Improve the GBS Purchase-to-Pay Process

Introduction Process mining technology extracts data from your systems to give you comprehensive, real-time visibility into how your processes actually run.  With accurate and comprehensive visibility inefficiencies are quickly identified so that process improvement plans can be implemented, based on real data without needing to rely on gut feel or guesses, so that project outcomes […]

Posted in Accounts Payable

How We Fixed the Intercompany Accounting Process for GBS

Introduction Intercompany Accounting, the process for recording the transfer of goods and services between legal entities, is a great challenge for many companies, even though all parties to the transaction are part of the same company, which would suggest complete automation should not only be possible, but it should also be the norm. Company Experiences […]

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Using NovoEd for Virtual Training in GBS

Introduction For most companies, the world of remote working shifted dramatically in early 2020 because of the pandemic, with many today who continue to embrace a work-from-home approach as the new “new reality”. While connectivity issues, VPN technologies, and video cameras can create a seamless “almost at work” experience, not every element of the building, […]

Posted in HR Shared Services

Processing Payment Requests with No Invoice

Introduction For vendors and suppliers to get paid, there typically is a process for submitting invoice information that details what was purchased and where to remit payment, plus other details like an invoice number, purchase order number, and payment terms, to facilitate the invoice being approved and processed.  Transactions without invoices are also likely at […]

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Improving Employee Engagement in Shared Services

Introduction Employee engagement can be defined as the level of passion and commitment that employees have for the organization where they are employed.  Highly engaged employees are more likely to be self-motivated about their work and strive to contribute to the organization’s success.  Their energy and enthusiasm are the launching points from which they approach […]

Posted in Shared Services Leadership

Implementing a Global Cash Application Solution

Introduction Implementing any solution on a global basis can be a challenge, and cash application is no exception.  Addressing such complex issues as multiple currencies, language barriers, a variety of government regulations, and customers with a large number of diverse locations can extremely difficult.  However, the benefits and synergies achieved if this model is properly […]

Posted in Accounts Receivable

Bank Account Reconciliation Preparation and Review

Introduction With the increased sophistication of reconciliation tools from banks and third-party account reconciliation software solutions, the process for reconciliation and review of bank accounts has changed significantly over the past decade.  Today, with no shortage of available tools, there is significant flexibility for who reconciles bank accounts, where reconciliations take place, and how reviews […]

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Defining the Blueprint for Shared Services / GBS Scope

Introduction Implementing Shared Services and related organizational models including Integrated Business Services and Global Business Services creates a unique opportunity for companies to redefine work processes and dramatically change how work streams are defined and accomplished.  By taking activities that were secondary and making their optimization a primary objective, by being part of an organization […]

Posted in Shared Services Leadership

Controlling Duplicate Payments with Automation and Process Design

Introduction Even with the advanced ERP systems that most large companies utilize for Accounts Payable processing, the challenge of duplicate payments and fraud control, in general, continues to be an issue for many AP organizations.  Considering the tremendous number of invoices being processed and the corresponding amount of supplier payments being made at most companies, […]

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Driving Shared Services / GBS Success with Organizational Design

Introduction A significant number of Shared Services / GBS organizations utilize unique organizational designs that have directly contributed to achieving excellent results in improving not only the overall performance of their operation but also the satisfaction level of their employees.  There are several effective strategies for Shared Services organizational design, including how the operation is […]

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