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Leveraging Mobile Device Technology to Streamline the T&E Process

Introduction The introduction of mobile device technology has had a big impact on all of us.  From eliminating the need for a separate watch, GPS device, scanner, or camera, mobile devices have changed the world.  Because of their unique capabilities, … Continue reading

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Experiences in Outsourcing Purchase-to-Pay Process Areas

Introduction As external service providers continue to improve their service offerings, more companies are including outsourcing as an important part of their overall strategy for Purchase-to-Pay.  With the significant introduction of Intelligent Automation at many outsourcing providers, their capabilities have … Continue reading

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Member Case Study #12 – Implementing Intelligent Automation

Introduction Since launching our Intelligent Automation research area in late 2017, every month we have delivered insightful Peercasts featuring member companies’ experiences, sometimes using a panel format with multiple member companies discussing the pros and cons of available solutions, and … Continue reading

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Impact of Multiple Facilities for a Common Team

Introduction The basic principles of Shared Services are to transition work from multiple locations to a centralized location, where centralized delivery is accomplished by a business that is responsive to customer needs, rather than a traditional view of centralization that … Continue reading

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Improving Garnishment Processing with Process Re-Design and Technology

Introduction Due to the myriad of governmental agencies and regulations, having an effective Garnishment Processing function can be very challenging to develop and oversee.  Due to the sensitive nature of the issues typically related to wage garnishments, it is critical … Continue reading

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Outsourcing RPA Project Work to 3rd Parties

Introduction In the rapidly expanding world of Intelligent Automation, finding the right mix of resources to plan and complete Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects can be a challenge.   Making decisions to have RPA project resources in-house or outsourced to a … Continue reading

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Outsourcing the Master Data Management Process

Introduction One of the fastest growing processes in popularity to be housed in a Shared Services environment is that of Master Data Management (MDM).  Once the process is in Shared Services, some companies have taken the next step and transitioned … Continue reading

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Intercompany Accounting – Where it Reports and Biggest Challenges

Introduction Even with a decade or more of experience, performing Intercompany Accounting from within a Shared Services structure that includes a global scope (although often delivered through regional centers), the one process that is fully self-contained, Intercompany, continues to be … Continue reading

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Developing an Effective European Customer Billing Delivery Model

Introduction With the wide variety of regulatory requirements in Europe, developing an effective and efficient approach to billing customers amid this complexity can be a challenge, to say the least.  This research abstract looks at the recent experiences of a … Continue reading

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Including Internal Audit in Intelligent Automation Projects

Introduction With a large number of major corporations now actively utilizing Intelligent Automation, it is important to ensure that Internal Audit is included appropriately in the development and implementation activities of this powerful technology.  With the introduction of Intelligent Automation … Continue reading

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