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Lessons Learned in Developing and Implementing a Purchasing Card Policy

Introduction An effective policy can be a critical success factor for any Purchasing Card (PCard) program.  While the investment in time and resources to create a new policy (or update an existing one) can be significant, this effort can result … Continue reading

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Developing General Accounting Personnel Toward a Higher-Contribution, Value-Added Role

Introduction General Accounting (GA) can be a great entry point and stepping stone into any number of roles within Finance and the company as a whole.  The challenge for companies is ensuring that the proper experience, training, and mentoring occurs … Continue reading

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The Impact of Culture on Shared Service Performance and Retention

Introduction The best Shared Services organizations deliver value to their customers by carefully balancing cost and service levels, with the objective of gaining efficiencies beyond consolidation through reengineering and continuous improvement efforts.  With the primary levers of People, Process, and … Continue reading

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The Growing Prevalence of Global Designs for Expatriate Payroll

Introduction For global companies, having employees live outside of their native countries for extended periods of time is to be expected.  Navigating the complexities of tax and legal issues regarding being paid and or taxed in either or both the … Continue reading

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Implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Accounts Payable

Introduction Recent Peeriosity research shows that 75% of our member companies have either approved the implementation of Robotic Process Automation in Shared Services or are currently evaluating doing so.  One of the major process areas that lends itself particularly well … Continue reading

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Consolidating Accounts Receivable into Fewer Locations

Introduction When you consider the different components of Accounts Receivable (AR), according to Peeriosity’s Process Design Survey 45% of member companies have the Billing process in Shared Services, 41% include Credit Administration, and 59% include Customer Payment Processing and Cash … Continue reading

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Partnering with IT to Set RPA/AI Priorities and Improve Outcomes

Introduction Is your IT Group helping or “getting in the way” when it comes to considering, and then exploiting, new technologies that can be implemented with little or no involvement or help from IT?  If your pilot shows promise, how … Continue reading

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Different Approaches to Global Process Owner Design in Purchase-to-Pay

 Introduction Utilizing an organizational design that includes the role of global process owner for an end-to-end process area, such as Purchase-to-Pay, is considered a best practice by many companies.  However, the manner in which global process ownership is configured and … Continue reading

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Tactics to Reach Out to Shared Services Customers

Introduction Being able to reach out to your Shared Services customers to identify performance expectations, develop strategies, and conduct training can be a critical success factor for your operation, but it is often an area that is overlooked by many … Continue reading

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Performing Travel and Expense Globally on One System Instance

Introduction Standardizing on a common system platform with as few instances as possible is an important enabler for streamlined processes, in addition to reducing technology support costs.  What is true for your company’s ERP system is also true for bolt-on … Continue reading

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