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Taking Enterprise Reporting to the Next Level with Integrated Automation

Introduction A number of major corporations have recently created an Enterprise Reporting Services operation as part of their Shared Services organization.  This group provides reporting and analysis services to a variety of key areas of the company, such as Marketing, … Continue reading

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Solving the RPA Puzzle: The Path to 100+ Bots

Introduction Implementing new solutions and approaches for how work gets done using Intelligent Automation solutions can be exciting and rewarding.  It can also be frustrating and risky, unless the journey for implementation is clear and carefully managed.  While there are … Continue reading

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Providing Online Access to Pay Data for Terminated Employees

Introduction In an Internet world where it seems like everyone has a smart phone, with online access to information replacing filing cabinets and paper, both current and former employees expect that payroll related records will be easily available using either … Continue reading

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Implementing Blackline’s Account Reconciliation Solution

Introduction BlackLine Account Reconciliations is one of the most popular solutions utilized by major corporations across the world that automates and standardizes the general ledger reconciliation process.  Some of the benefits of this type of solution include automated review and … Continue reading

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Using Automation to Streamline the Collections Process

Introduction While the vast majority of large companies are utilizing some sort of ERP system that includes basic functionality to support the Collections process, this functionality often falls short in meeting the overall needs of the organization.  In many cases, … Continue reading

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Locating a Shared Services Operation in Latin America

Introduction With a wide selection of viable geographic location options in Latin America, many large corporations have chosen to locate significant Shared Services organizations in that part of the world. There are a variety of reasons for doing so, including … Continue reading

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Cohesive Policy and Structure for Corporate Travel and Travel Expense

Introduction With many of the most valuable employees traveling, including senior management and salespeople, having an effective corporate travel policy is critical to managing expenses, and enhancing the experience and effectiveness of key personnel.  By including negotiated discounts and leveraging … Continue reading

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Managing Employee Perceptions of Intelligent Automation

Introduction If you believe the spin about Intelligent Automation, it’s a little bit like adding ping-pong and foosball tables to the breakroom, with free ice cream and soda available all day too.  Employees will love it, since the new technologies … Continue reading

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Effective Accounts Payable Audits & Controls to Combat Fraud

Introduction With the significant amount of fraud risk associated with the Accounts Payable process, having the proper controls and audit program in place is key to the overall health of this critical function.  While there are both internal and external … Continue reading

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Setting Project Priorities for Intelligent Automation

Introduction In the new world of Intelligent Automation, with innovative solutions to automate routine tasks that require accessing multiple systems and applications, having a clear process for identifying priorities has never been more important.  Because your list of available opportunities … Continue reading

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