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Taking Shared Services Quality to the Next Level

Introduction Quality, along with cost, productivity, and customer satisfaction, has always been one of the four primary measures of success in Shared Services.  There are a variety of approaches to achieving high levels of quality performance, with some companies utilizing … Continue reading

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Effectively Configuring and Utilizing Concur Travel & Expense

Introduction Results from a recent Peeriosity poll regarding the system utilized to support Travel & Expense processing showed that 80% of our member companies currently utilize the Concur Travel Expense system.  This research abstract highlights the experiences of one of … Continue reading

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Starting the Clock on Payment Terms

Introduction Making improvements to working capital or cash flow requires a clear understanding of the details for current work processes, including fundamentals that include when payment terms begin, and the frequency and timing of payment runs.  For example, saying your … Continue reading

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Intelligent Automation Status and Objectives – One Year Later

Introduction When it comes to Intelligent Automation, separating fact from fiction, and knowing the detailed experiences of your peers is critical to achieving the best possible outcomes.  Fortunately, members of Peeriosity’s Intelligent Automation best practice research community are well positioned … Continue reading

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Streamlining the Accounting Close Process

Introduction With so many different approaches companies can take to streamline the Accounting Close process, it can be difficult to determine where to best focus project resources.  This research abstract highlights a company that recently shared details about their Accounting … Continue reading

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Utilization of Shared Services Operating Model Alternatives

Introduction Over the past few decades, the Shared Services model has become increasingly popular as more companies adopt this powerful organizational design.  As the model has matured, the number of alternative designs has also increased, with a variety of options … Continue reading

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Intelligent Automation Speed and Project Staffing

Introduction Setting up a Center of Excellence for Intelligent Automation can provide companies with the needed infrastructure to design and implement solutions for Shared Services and, in some instances, across a wide range of business processes.   While the concept makes … Continue reading

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Experiences in Implementing a Global Cash Application Solution

Introduction Implementing any solution on a global basis can be a challenge, and cash application is no exception.  Addressing such complex issues as multiple currencies, language barriers, a variety of government regulations, and customers with a large number of diverse … Continue reading

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Organizational Alignment of the Payroll Process

Introduction Historically, the alignment of the Payroll function has been debated among HR and Finance, and in some cases Treasury, as to where it belongs. Some argue that synergies with HR provide for the best fit, others state that Payroll … Continue reading

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Defining the Responsibilities of Global Process Owners (GPO)

Introduction The use of Global Process Owners is an organizational design that has been around for a number of years now and is widely accepted at most companies utilizing a Shared Services organizational structure.  While the concept of the Global … Continue reading

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