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Improving the Manual Journal Voucher Process

Introduction While there are many benefits to implementing integrated software systems and bolt-on technologies, significant performance improvements are often possible from a direct inspection and redesign of underlying work processes.  While it’s never a good idea to automate a bad process, it’s always a good idea to formally review process steps on a regular basis […]

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Software Selection for Fixed Asset Accounting

Introduction Properly accounting for Fixed Assets is not a trivial exercise, with a range of reporting, inventory, and valuation issues that need to be addressed to meet both accounting standards and government tax regulations.  For capital intensive industries, the numbers can be in the billions of dollars, with a direct impact on financial statements and […]

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Intercompany Accounting – Where it Reports and Biggest Challenges

Introduction Even with a decade or more of experience, performing Intercompany Accounting from within a Shared Services structure that includes a global scope (although often delivered through regional centers), the one process that is fully self-contained, Intercompany, continues to be a challenge to deliver efficiently for many leading companies.  Even though the scope is within […]

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Simplifying the Intercompany Accounting Function through Automation and Process Design

Introduction Intercompany Accounting – the recording and reconciliation of accounts payable and accounts receivable activities that take place between separate legal entities of the same company – is often ripe for simplification and improvement.  Puzzling in a way, since unlike trade accounts payable or trade accounts receivable transactions, all the parties involved are ultimately employees […]

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Streamlining the Accounting Close Process

Introduction With so many different approaches companies can take to streamline the Accounting Close process, it can be difficult to determine where to best focus project resources.  This research abstract highlights a company that recently shared details about their Accounting Close process and what they have done to improve their operation in this critical area. […]

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Consolidating the Account Reconciliation Process

Introduction For companies with operations in many locations domestically and around the globe, the number of accounting transactions to record every minute detail of business activity can be daunting, as can the process of reconciling those transactions for completeness and accuracy at month end. Management and legal reporting activities must comply with specific rules and […]

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Implementing Blackline’s Account Reconciliation Solution

Introduction BlackLine Account Reconciliations is one of the most popular solutions utilized by major corporations across the world that automates and standardizes the general ledger reconciliation process.  Some of the benefits of this type of solution include automated review and approval workflows, with proper segregation of duties; reconciliation templates and checklists to standardize processes; integrated […]

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Implementing an Effective Risk Ranking Process for Balance Sheet Reconciliations

Introduction Being able to effectively evaluate the reconciliation frequency for balance sheet accounts can involve the review of a variety of factors, both quantitative and qualitative.  While the ultimate objective of balancing effective controls with process efficiency is the same for all companies, the level of effort and overall approach of designing the appropriate schedule […]

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Account Reconciliation Standards and Quality Control Reviews

Introduction Applying advanced technology solutions to overly complicated and non-standard processes makes implementation more difficult, reduces the benefit, and complicates process improvement efforts by requiring modifications that require carefully coordinated changes in procedures and technology.  While there is almost always more that can be improved upon, having a base level of stability and standardization, with […]

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