Peeriosity Shared Services

Our mission is to provide Global Business Services practitioners with a trustworthy and reliable resource to access and leverage the knowledge and experience of their peers. Membership limited to 100 leading companies.

What is Peeriosity-100?

Peeriosity–100 is the relaunch of Peeriosity, a best practice research company created more than a decade ago, where member interactions are between peers at Global Business Services operations around the world, completely free of external influence or bias. Consultants and vendors are prohibited from membership.

To encourage candid and open interactions, membership is capped at 100 companies, with access to company identities restricted to members. Membership includes access to all research areas for up to 50 users per member company.

Charter pricing for less than $10,000 per year for qualified companies.

We deliver --
  • Direct access to a roster of all members with the ability to communicate with anyone via Peer Mail, or mutually agree to connect for full contact details
  • Research polls created by members and Peeriosity with visibility to who answered by company so you can contact them via Peer Mail
  • CPE accredited Peercasts featuring leading member companies with interactive discussions – no vendors ever – and you see a list of attendees so you can contact them via Peer Mail
  • Quantitative benchmarking, in Accounts Payable, Customer Payment Processing, Purchasing Card, Travel Expense, Fixed Assets, General Ledger, Intercompany Accounting, GBS Structure and Design
  • Onsite Member-Hosted Senior Executive Forums for no additional cost with attendance restricted to 30 attendees to ensure discussions are interactive and candid
  • No Consultants, Vendors, or Peers will ever contact you after you complete a poll, attend a Peercast, or interact on a topic that interests you, and attempt to sell you something.
At Peeriosity-100 we believe:
  • GBS organizations face many of the same challenges, and learning directly from peer experiences spotlights what works, what doesn’t, and why.
  • Hundreds of vendors pitch products you may or may not need, and the cost of the product is a fraction of the cost of the implementation.
  • Project approvals are easier when you can cite company names and describe their experiences , and not rely on referrals from companies who are paid to be positive.
  • Access to the best information doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. Charter pricing is available for less than $10,000 per year for qualified companies in 2023.
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