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Experience with Smart Automation and Artificial Intelligence


As Robotic Process Automation technologies have become mainstream over the past five years, companies have had to adjust operating models, processes and roles to productionize and fully leverage this capability in a scalable, sustainable way. The addition of Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI offer additional opportunities to deliver value and comes with a distinct set of challenges to ensure quality and accuracy.

Company Experience

A Peercast discussion in Peeriosity-100’s Intelligent Automation research area featured a global company with over $50B in annual revenue discussing their approach to automating with details about their governance processes, examples of their automation decision path, and how they have deployed multiple technologies for smart automation including Blue Prism, Pega, Power Automate, Knime, ABBYY, and Workato.

The discussion included their approach to evaluating and implementing Generative AI with leadership and oversight from their Automation Center of Excellence.  For our feature company their big bets for Gen Ai success include call center and user support, knowledge management for things like onboarding, policy, and documentation of work processes, and App development and testing as it relates to documentation, compliance, code generation, code conversion, and test automation.

Examples of their high value use cases for Gen AI include consumer research, contract analysis, eContent generation, product costing standard setting, language translation, and master data clean up.

Polling Results Review

A poll was created to better understand the extent to which Peeriosity-100 member companies believe that AI will change the way work is done in their organization in the next three years.  84% expect the change to be significant, with 14% expecting moderate changes.


The second question in the poll asked about prepared the organization was to implement and adapt to the upcoming changes created by AI.  Interestingly, no one selected very prepared, with 28% mostly prepared, 29% moderately prepared, and 43% indicating they are not prepared.


Closing Summary

Achieving success with smart automation technologies requires coordination and leadership, even when tools are user-friendly with many opportunities for citizen developers to create positive results that directly impact their day-to-day responsibilities.  Leading companies are leveraging Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence capabilities as their scope expands to include leadership and oversight for Gen AI prototypes and implementations.

What impact do you expect Gen AI to have on your organization within the next three years?  How prepared are you to implement and adapt to these changes?

Who are your peers and how are you collaborating with them?


“Peercasts” are private, professionally facilitated webcasts that feature leading member company experiences on specific topics as a catalyst for broader discussion.  Access is available exclusively to Peeriosity-100 member company employees, with consultants or vendors prohibited from attending or accessing discussion content.  Members can see who is registered to attend in advance, with discussion recordings, supporting polls, and presentation materials online and available whenever convenient for the member.  Using Peeriosity-100’s integrated email system, Peer Mail, attendees can easily communicate at any time with other attending peers by selecting them from the list of registered attendees.

“Polling” is available exclusively to Peeriosity-100 member company employees, with consultants or vendors prohibited from participating or accessing content. Members have full visibility to all respondents and their comments. Using Peeriosity-100’s integrated email system, Peer Mail, members can easily communicate at any time with others who participated in Polling.

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