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Using Global Process Owners for Order to Cash

Introduction The Order-to-Cash process is often one of the last process areas that transition to a Shared Services or a Business Services delivery model.  The reason O2C processes are usually last is that these processes are closer to the customer, resulting in significant influence and oversight being required by individual business units and geographies.  Since […]

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Enhancing the Customer Cash Application Process through Automation

Introduction While many companies have made significant improvements over the recent years to their Customer Cash Application Process, there often remain many opportunities to enhance this critical portion of the Order-to-Cash organization. This research abstract features the experiences of a Peeriosity member company that recently carried out a focused initiative to streamline this critical process, […]

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Automating the Cash Application Deduction Clearing Process

Introduction While many Peeriosity member companies perform Cash Application processing using a broad geographic scope and an end-to-end process design, challenges often remain for achieving the highest levels of automatic processing.   For many companies, the deduction validation and clearing process is primarily a manual process, regardless of whether the process is insourced or outsourced to […]

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Developing an Effective European Customer Billing Delivery Model

Introduction With the wide variety of regulatory requirements in Europe, developing an effective and efficient approach to billing customers amid this complexity can be a challenge, to say the least.  This research abstract looks at the recent experiences of a major corporation that has implemented a European customer billing system, including the results of developing […]

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Thresholds for Automatic Settlement of Customer Deductions

Introduction For customer payments, many companies allow short-payments from customers to automatically settle outstanding invoices, assuming they do not exceed a pre-established threshold.  They have justified this threshold as the funds which may be recovered my lowering or eliminating the short-payment have been more than offset by the additional costs required to administer collection.  Based […]

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Experiences in Implementing a Global Cash Application Solution

Introduction Implementing any solution on a global basis can be a challenge, and cash application is no exception.  Addressing such complex issues as multiple currencies, language barriers, a variety of government regulations, and customers with a large number of diverse locations can extremely difficult.  However, the benefits and synergies achieved if this model is properly […]

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Organizational Structure for the Collections Process

Introduction When we looked at the organizational alignment of the Credit Function in one of last month’s articles, we noted that Credit was part of an Order-to-Cash process in Shared Services for 39% of companies, with 22% having credit reporting into Treasury.  The majority of companies, at 75%, were either very satisfied or satisfied with […]

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Organizational Alignment of the Credit Function

Introduction With its close ties to the Sales organization at most major companies, the Credit function can be found aligned with a variety of organizations, including Corporate Finance, Business Unit Finance, Treasury, Sales Administration, and Shared Services, to name just a few.  While the trend in recent years has been for Credit to be more […]

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