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Effective Strategies to Enhance AP’s Relationship with Internal Customers

Introduction Developing a solid relationship with key internal customers, such as Procurement, Finance, and IT, is important for the long-term success of any Accounts Payable organization.  During a recent Peeriosity PeercastTM, we looked at the experiences of one of our … Continue reading

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Effective Accounts Payable Audits & Controls to Combat Fraud

Introduction With the significant amount of fraud risk associated with the Accounts Payable process, having the proper controls and audit program in place is key to the overall health of this critical function.  While there are both internal and external … Continue reading

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Driving Up Usage Levels for Electronic Supplier Payments

Introduction A variety of electronic payment options for suppliers have been around for a number of years now, but a significant percentage of vendor payments are still made by paper check.  This is especially true in North America, which tends … Continue reading

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Improving Accounts Payable Processing Efficiency Through OCR Technology

Introduction Even though Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has been readily available for several decades now, a significant number of the major companies in the world do not currently utilize it.  With the recent advances in this technology, which have … Continue reading

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Mandating Electronic Payments to Suppliers

Introduction Since the 1980s, when considering improvements to the Accounts Payable process, companies around the world successfully deployed solutions that evaluate Accounts Payable as one component of the Procure-to-Pay process. This yielded improved efficiencies between functional areas, and often eliminated … Continue reading

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Pushing Supplier Portal Use for Non-EDI Invoices

Introduction For Accounts Payable departments which are processing thousands of transactions every day, while it’s helpful that a high percentage of transactions are automated using ERS (Evaluated Receipts Settlement, where no invoice is required to generate payment), EDI (where invoice … Continue reading

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Different Approaches to Global Process Owner Design in Purchase-to-Pay

 Introduction Utilizing an organizational design that includes the role of global process owner for an end-to-end process area, such as Purchase-to-Pay, is considered a best practice by many companies.  However, the manner in which global process ownership is configured and … Continue reading

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Enhancing the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) User Experience

Introduction At major corporations across the globe, the Purchase-to-Pay process can be very complex; involving thousands of suppliers and employees who represent many different departments within the company.  While the shift to an end-to-end process design has helped to break … Continue reading

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Using a Help Desk to Improve AP Customer Support

Introduction Segmenting Accounts Payable work activities to identify those that would be best supported by a call center or help desk has been a design element for the majority of Shared Services organizations, with resulting benefits including improved visibility to … Continue reading

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Utility Invoice Processing – PO Requirements and Outsourcing

Energy costs are one of the largest expense categories a company has, which makes it a priority to understand and manage utility-related data.  Yes, if the lights were out last month at one of your company locations, you probably need … Continue reading

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