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Performance Scorecards for HR Shared Services

Introduction While individual process areas often have very detailed performance measurements related to cost, productivity, quality, and customer service, many times the overall HR Shared Services operation struggles to present their results in a concise and effective manner.  The challenge for any HR Shared Services organization is to develop and maintain a cohesive reporting package […]

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Insourcing Payroll to Leverage Your ERP and Drive Innovation

Introduction Payroll is a process that by definition has a direct and meaningful impact on every company employee.  For an employee, getting paid timely and accurately, without worry or concern, is understandably high on the priority list.  However, unlike other back-office processes where the underlying nature of work activities may include many industry or company-specific […]

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Using ADP to Outsource Payroll Globally

Introduction Payroll is a process with high visibility where the highest quality and accuracy are required for each and every employee payment.  Payroll also has significant complexity with an ever-changing landscape of local laws and regulations that make standardization and consistency difficult.  For companies who have outsourced payroll processing, the history for many has been […]

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Issues and Opportunities with Outsourcing Payroll

Introduction The Payroll process by definition touches every single employee of the company, where the experience directly shapes each employee’s view of the company’s administrative processes.  The process perfectly fits the concept of a hygiene factor, where no one notices when everything works smoothly, and when things don’t the impact on productivity and customer satisfaction […]

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Rethinking HR Service Delivery

Introduction For many companies, the full transformation of HR has yet to happen, even though the transition of transactional process activity into regional Shared Services centers, and creation of Centers of Excellence for strategic processes for many has been a significant advance over the inefficient mix of centralized and decentralized processes that existed before Shared […]

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Creating and Administering an HR/Payroll Web Portal

Introduction The benefits of employee self-service have been enjoyed by companies for a number of years now, with a resulting reduction in costs and improvements in employee satisfaction levels for many companies.  However, a significant number of companies still do not have a well-designed web portal for HR/Payroll and others have a portal, but it […]

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Time Collection for Hourly Employees

Introduction Within HR Shared Services, Payroll is almost always within scope, since the process is transaction intensive and rules based, where centralization of payroll experts and the leveraging of technology solutions across business units and locations can yield both lower cost and higher quality processes.  However, because the Payroll process impacts every employee in a […]

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Organizational Alignment of the Payroll Process

Introduction Historically, the alignment of the Payroll function has been debated among HR and Finance, and in some cases Treasury, as to where it belongs. Some argue that synergies with HR provide for the best fit, others state that Payroll is a Finance function because it requires analytical skills consistent with higher level accounting responsibilities, […]

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Effectively Defining the Scope of HR Shared Services

Introduction Determining the process areas that best fit within the scope of HRSS depends on a number of factors that can vary from company to company, including geographic design, culture, and technology infrastructure.  This research abstract highlights the experiences of a major corporation that recently shared their experiences in determining their Human Resource Shared Services […]

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