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Using NovoEd for Virtual Training in GBS


For most companies, the world of remote working shifted dramatically in early 2020 because of the pandemic, with many today who continue to embrace a work-from-home approach as the new “new reality”. While connectivity issues, VPN technologies, and video cameras can create a seamless “almost at work” experience, not every element of the building, developing, and managing work teams has a ready solution. One issue faced by all is ensuring robust processes and methods for employee training, with a number of innovative tools available, including NovoEd, an experiential platform that helps companies effectively transition classroom experiences from in-person to virtual and online learning.

Company Experiences

A Peercast discussion in Peeriosity’s HR Shared Services research area featured a global company with over $20B in annual revenue discussing their approach to “future-proofing” their GBS organization by transforming the way they deliver staff and leadership training.  While the global pandemic was a motivator to change, the redesign goes well beyond the issue of having a remote workforce.  Specifically:

  • Work is moving from transaction-based activities within process areas, to leveraging new tools to digitize and automate work within and between process areas.
  • Workforce models are more flexible with greater independence, and greater virtual delivery, requiring new employee skills.
  • The Workplace is often now virtual, requiring new ways to manage and engage employees.
  • Workways have changed with new collaboration tools replacing face-to-face conversations while encouraging a personal connection of care, community, and empathy.

To accomplish the redesign an eighteen-month leadership program was created and tailored to high-potential managers.  This was built leveraging tools and training from NovoEd, a company that uses proven methods with an innovative platform that delivers virtual learning that for many exceed the value of traditional learning methods.  The resulting methodology includes tools and capabilities that were impossible to create in a classroom setting.

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Closing Summary

Training and specifically leadership training can be challenging in our new environment where a significant amount of the workforce is working remotely.  Guided training is best when users have a personal connection to peers who are participating in the training, with the opportunity to learn directly from assigned mentors.  Fortunately, innovative solutions like those developed by NovoEd are available to challenge the status quo to create learning capabilities to meet the needs of a rapidly changing work environment that includes, but isn’t limited to, the shift to a more virtual workforce.

What approach does your company take to leadership development?  How have your development programs changed to respond to the new ways of working today, including new tools and methods to communicate, changing from sequential transactional work steps to leveraging new technologies, and the shift to a more virtual workforce?

Who are your peers and how are you collaborating with them?


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