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Implementing ServiceNow in HR to Improve Employee Experience


Launched in 2004, ServiceNow is a platform that delivers digital workflows with the intent of transforming the way work gets done, including providing help desk functionality.  As part of an ongoing focus of showcasing Peeriosity member company experiences, Peeriosity members can benefit from direct insights from member without bias or influence from Consulting firms or vendors.  Because the discussions are for Peeriosity members only (with consultants and vendors not eligible for membership), members can directly interact with their peers and candidly share their experiences.   This article highlights the experiences of a Peeriosity member company with ServiceNow.

Company Experiences

A Peercast discussion in Peeriosity’s HR Shared Services research area featured a global company with $8B in annual revenue discussing their implementation of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery to improve the employee experience.  Feature presenters for the one-hour Peercast included the Director of HR Services, the manager of the HR Support Center, and the manager of GBS HR Systems.

Our feature company implemented ServiceNow in 2019 with solutions including a global HR portal, global knowledge management, and case management and HR Services for their US and Canada operations, with other global regions implementing in following years.  Global knowledge management includes knowledge articles for HR policies and processes designed to facilitate self-service (tier 0 support), and HR Services includes simple web-based forms for the most requested HR processes that are routed via workflow to the appropriate person in HR.  To implement, the company created a rigorous change management plan that included emails, posters, videos, QR codes, and email signatures promoting the new portal.  In addition, now four years into the implementation, a dedicated project team continues to meet on a bi-weekly basis to assess and respond as needed.

As implemented, knowledge management is defined the solutions that streamline the process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge.  Using a knowledge centered support process allows the company to create content as a biproduct of solving problems, with the ability to update articles based on demand and usage.  The best news is how the process supports employees, with employees finding solutions to their questions 92% of the time without needing to contact the support center.

For details, Peeriosity members are encouraged to sign into the members’ area to view the complete presentation and listen to the recorded Peercast.

Closing Summary

With an 18-year history, ServiceNow is an established and proven solution that is leveraged by many Peeriosity members.  While ServiceNow should be on the list to consider for all large global companies, there are alternatives, and most importantly, there are many different ways to implement, with a wide range of success and unfortunately failures as possible outcomes.

With different vendors looking to position their solutions in the most favorable light possible, it can be difficult for companies to get an accurate view of the strengths and weakness of each possible solution, with only generic case studies and if you are lucky, the ability to pick up the phone and talk with a colleague with first-hand experience.  For Peeriosity member companies, this challenge is largely eliminated, with peer experiences presented directly from the leaders in charge of the implementations, sharing their experiences and insights directly, with the ability to all participants to interact with others in real time for ongoing dialogue.

What approach does your company take to creating and delivering an HR portal, a global knowledge management process, and case management processes?  What process design efforts have been pursued and what technology tools are being leveraged?  When you implemented, how did you manage the change process?

Who are your peers and how are you collaborating with them?


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