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Implementing Blackline’s Account Reconciliation Solution

Introduction BlackLine Account Reconciliations is one of the most popular solutions utilized by major corporations across the world that automates and standardizes the general ledger reconciliation process.  Some of the benefits of this type of solution include automated review and approval workflows, with proper segregation of duties; reconciliation templates and checklists to standardize processes; integrated […]

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Implementing an Effective Risk Ranking Process for Balance Sheet Reconciliations

Introduction Being able to effectively evaluate the reconciliation frequency for balance sheet accounts can involve the review of a variety of factors, both quantitative and qualitative.  While the ultimate objective of balancing effective controls with process efficiency is the same for all companies, the level of effort and overall approach to designing the appropriate schedule […]

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Account Reconciliation Standards and Quality Control Reviews

Introduction Applying advanced technology solutions to overly complicated and non-standard processes makes implementation more difficult, reduces the benefit, and complicates process improvement efforts by requiring modifications that require carefully coordinated changes in procedures and technology.  While there is almost always more that can be improved upon, having a base level of stability and standardization, with […]

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Developing General Accounting Personnel Toward a Higher-Contribution, Value-Added Role

Introduction General Accounting (GA) can be a great entry point and stepping stone into any number of roles within Finance and the company as a whole.  The challenge for companies is ensuring that the proper experience, training, and mentoring occurs within their Accounting teams so when opportunity calls, their people are the first considered and […]

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Consolidating the Fixed Asset Process into Shared Services

Introduction For manufacturing companies with large production facilities, many with more than $100 million USD in active asset valuation, making the decision on how to best complete the work steps in the end-to-end Fixed Asset property process becomes complicated.  While there are benefits to centralizing or performing work activities in Shared Services, there may be […]

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for the Month-End Close

Introduction The impact of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools on Shared Services is rapidly increasing across many labor-intensive work processes where repetitive steps are required to access multiple systems to collect information by following defined and repeatable work steps to process transactions.  When it comes to RPA solutions, it is pretty clear that one size […]

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Increasing the Scope of Shared Services Record-to-Report Processes

Record-to-Report (R2R) can cover a wide range of internally-focused accounting processes connected with the recording of transactions to comply with financial, legal, and tax requirements, with outputs including performance reporting, plus management, legal, tax, and treasury reporting.  Unlike other common end-to-end processes including Purchase-to-Pay, Hire-to-Retire, and Order-to-Cash, the associated work processes are insular to the […]

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