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Using Tableau Dashboards and SharePoint for Global AR Tracking

Introduction An efficient and effective Order-to-Cash (O2C) process is vital to every company’s business with a direct impact on revenue and cash flow.  With processes that include the onboarding of new customers and creating new customer records, receiving and recording orders, creating and processing invoices, collecting and posting payments and credits, and resolving disputes and […]

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Eliminating Vendor Phone Inquiries in Accounts Payable

Introduction Once considered the primary method for vendors to communicate with Accounts Payable, providing phone support for vendor inquiries has fallen out of favor as other methods have become both more efficient and less costly.  Even with the most sophisticated phone systems where basic requests for payment status can be answered by a chatbot, providing […]

Posted in Accounts Payable

Using Payroll to Reimburse Employees for Travel Expenses

Introduction With the introduction of advanced travel expense platforms like SAP Concur, for virtually all large companies, paper-based expense reports that are completed manually and processed manually are a relic of the past.  Today, expense reporting is a streamlined and highly automated process.  In addition, with the transition to having credit cards readily accepted everywhere, […]

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Segregation of Duties in a World of Robots

Introduction The addition of Intelligent Automation to business processes can eliminate many of the routine work steps human processors are required to complete, with the added benefit of zero errors, assuming each step is defined properly, and the impact of an ongoing process or system changes are accounted for as they occur.  Being able to […]

Posted in Intelligent Automation

The Impact of Shared Services / GBS on Functional Boundaries

Introduction As companies continue to evolve their Shared Services models, in many cases functional boundaries are challenged, which can increase opportunities to leverage process change methods and new technologies by eliminating turf battles that are all too common between functions or departments. For many, the processes within scope are more strongly aligned with “Shared Services” […]

Posted in Shared Services Leadership

Formalizing Specialized Leadership Roles in GBS / Shared Services

Introduction Shared Services and Global Business Services are models for the delivery of support services that leverage technologies and scale, yet differ in many significant ways from centralized services, which can often include unnecessary bureaucracy and a rigid structure that may be disconnected from the needs of internal customers. Shared Services organizations need to be […]

Posted in Shared Services Leadership

Methods for Corporate Cardholder Training

Introduction Developing a robust set of procedures for Corporate cardholders is only effective if there are processes in place to ensure that employees with credit cards are properly trained.  Upfront validations and backend controls for review and approval can reduce the financial risk; however, transactions that don’t comply with company policies can be frustrating for […]

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Key Factors to Attract and Retain Talent in Shared Services / GBS

Introduction As the global economy recovers, Shared Services / Global Business Services organizations are under increasing pressure to both understand and influence the key factors for attracting and retaining talent.  At Peeriosity, member companies can easily see the approaches of their peers, with the ability to directly connect with peers facing similar challenges, as a […]

Posted in Shared Services Leadership

Alignment of the Payroll Process – Finance or HR?

Introduction Historically, the alignment of the Payroll function has been debated between HR and Finance as to where it belongs. Some argue that synergies with HR provide for the best fit, and others state that Payroll is a Finance function because of all the accounting-related transactional complexities. The growth of Shared Services and Global Business […]

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