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Work-From-Home Expense Policies

Introduction As companies implement work from home measures for employees in response to COVID-19, many are considering relaxing in-office work requirements and allow more work from home as a normal course of doing business after the requirements created by the … Continue reading

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Impact of COVID-19 on the Accounts Payable Process

Introduction A few weeks ago, Shared Services organizations were comparing approaches for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this week Peeriosity will facilitate a panel discussion with Peeriosity members on a Peeriosity PeercastTM featuring leading member companies sharing ideas and … Continue reading

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Leading a Kaizen Blitz Event

Introduction Process improvement methodologies come in many different flavors, from formal Six Sigma tools and strategies using a formal DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control) approach, to lean process improvement tools, Pareto charts, process flow charts, fishbone diagrams, Value … Continue reading

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Intelligent Automation Success Factors and Challenges

Introduction Since launching our Intelligent Automation research area in late 2017, every month we have delivered insightful Peercasts featuring member companies’ experiences, sometimes using a panel format with multiple member companies discussing the pros and cons of available solutions, and … Continue reading

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Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Introduction With the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, delivering Shared Services from either a global hub, or multiple regional hubs becomes problematic.  The strategy for a limited number of centers with hundreds or thousands of employees is impacted dramatically … Continue reading

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Enhancing the Customer Cash Application Process through Automation

Introduction While many companies have made significant improvements over the recent years to their Customer Cash Application Process, there often remain many opportunities to enhance this critical portion of the Order-to-Cash organization. This research abstract features the experiences of a … Continue reading

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Intelligent Automation and Change Management

Introduction The implementation of Intelligent Automation tools can have a dramatic impact on routine work activities of team members across all areas of Shared Services.  While there are clever ways to describe the change, including making work more interesting, or … Continue reading

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Developing an Administrative Assistant Center of Excellence (COE) in Shared Services

Introduction Developing an Administrative Assistant Center of Excellence (COE) as part of Shared Services is a new area that one Peeriosity member company has pursued to expand the scope of its Global Shared Services operation by providing administrative support capabilities … Continue reading

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Charging for New Vendors to Influence Behavior

Introduction To create an efficient and low-cost process for Accounts Payable, standardization and new technology tools can only get you so far.  The biggest factors tend to be the quality of the inputs to the process, including clean processes and … Continue reading

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Issues and Opportunities with Outsourcing Payroll

Introduction The Payroll process by definition touches every single employee of the company, where the experience directly shapes each employee’s view of the company’s administrative processes.  The process perfectly fits the concept of a hygiene factor, where no one notices … Continue reading

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