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Paying Invoices with Immediate Payment Terms

Introduction Shared Services work processes, like Accounts Payable (P2P) have hundreds of detailed work steps and many required policy differences depending on the type of supplier, negotiated terms, industry standards, and legal or regulatory requirements.   As companies work to implement the most efficient processes possible, understanding the details of how other peer companies handle similar […]

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Leading and Developing Your Remote Workforce

Introduction With COVID-19 creating a new priority for companies to create work-from-home delivery for as many Shared Services processes and activities as possible, new challenges are created for leading and developing your remote workforce.  For many, the move from an in-office workforce to a workforce that was working-from-home took place almost immediately.  With a business-first […]

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Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture In Shared Services

Introduction Does your Shared Services organization have an embedded culture of personal and collective accountability to deliver increasing value to your customers that gives them a strategic advantage in their markets?  For a Shared Services organization to evolve and move up the value chain, a continuous process improvement (CPI) foundation is critical to shaping the […]

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Using ServiceNow to Manage Inquiries and Workflow

Introduction Companies in all industries are looking for ways to transform underlying work processes, including increased flexibility and agility for how they provide services to their employees, customers, and vendors. One software solution for query management and workflow that has gained prominence in the past five years is ServiceNow.  Because Peeriosity is founded on creating […]

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Shared Services and the Importance of Global Process Documentation

Introduction Simplifying processes to eliminate unnecessary complexity and work steps has the greatest impact when the scope is across a large client base, spanning multiple business units and geographies.   With common systems and a global organization increasingly the norm, more companies are pushing to complete the puzzle by implementing common work processes that require standardization, […]

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RPA Impact and Speed to Implement

Introduction Similar to the hype and buzz that surrounded BPO 20 years ago, today’s Shared Services leaders can’t avoid questions about approaches and strategies related to Intelligent Automation. Being able to filter through the hype and point to specific examples from peers is critical to be able to design an approach that is right for […]

Posted in Intelligent Automation

Fraud Control using Oversight’s Risk Mitigation Solutions

Introduction The risk of fraudulent transactions continues to impact the ability of companies to expand the distribution and allowable usage of both the Purchasing Card and the Travel Card.  While the appropriate use of merchant category codes (MCCs) and monetary limits are cornerstones of any card fraud prevention structure, in recent years new tactics and […]

Posted in Corporate Card

Performance Scorecards for HR Shared Services

Introduction While individual process areas often have very detailed performance measurements related to cost, productivity, quality, and customer service, many times the overall HR Shared Services operation struggles to present their results in a concise and effective manner.  The challenge for any HR Shared Services organization is to develop and maintain a cohesive reporting package […]

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