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Cohesive Policy and Structure for Corporate Travel and Travel Expense

Introduction With many of the most valuable employees traveling, including senior management and salespeople, having an effective corporate travel policy is critical to managing expenses, and enhancing the experience and effectiveness of key personnel.  By including negotiated discounts and leveraging a company’s purchasing power, effective policies can reduce costs, make the travel booking processes more […]

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Identifying Fraud within Travel Expense (T&E)

Introduction Achieving compliance with company travel policy can help control overall travel spending and increase employee confidence by creating a culture where employees are confident that all employees follow the same rule book to comply with policy requirements.  Whether or not deviations are intentional or simply mistakes or carelessness, processes that appropriately detect and correct […]

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Purchasing Card Programs in 2018

Introduction The use of Purchasing Cards for the acquisition of low-cost non-inventory items has been a leading practice for decades, with median performance for indirect purchasing volume using Purchasing Cards at 10%, with the mid-point of Q1 performance approaching 40% of indirect purchasing volume.  While many companies have achieved significant penetration, others continue to work […]

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Reporting Structure for the Travel Expense Team

Introduction Before the move to Shared Services, when it was typical for each physical location to have staff with responsibilities for paying employees and paying vendors, the process for managing the compliance and reimbursement portion of the Travel process was commonly included as a part of the Accounts Payable organization.  Today, with the consolidation of […]

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Lessons Learned in Developing and Implementing a Purchasing Card Policy

Introduction An effective policy can be a critical success factor for any Purchasing Card (PCard) program.  While the investment in time and resources to create a new policy (or update an existing one) can be significant, this effort can result in streamlined program administration, better controls, higher overall levels of cardholder satisfaction, and increased card […]

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Performing Travel and Expense Globally on One System Instance

Introduction Standardizing on a common system platform with as few instances as possible is an important enabler for streamlined processes, in addition to reducing technology support costs.  What is true for your company’s ERP system is also true for bolt-on applications, including systems and processes for managing the travel process. For Shared Services organizations, paying […]

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Travel Reimbursements for Job Candidates

With an increasingly competitive labor market for new hires from the best universities and graduate programs, simplifying the process for job candidates to travel for onsite interviews is important, particularly when candidates may not have easy access to cover big-ticket items like hotel and airfare expenses.  Have you considered the different approaches that might make […]

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Driving Global Travel Card Process Standardization

Introduction As more companies transition to global designs for Shared Services, one of the most significant impacts is on the business travel process, where the majority of employees most impacted are typically either upper management or are otherwise directly involved in sales and marketing efforts.   As these employees shift from one region or business unit […]

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