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Lessons Learned Implementing a New T&E System

When implementing a major new system, the greatest benefits can only be achieved when you keep in mind that streamlining work processes and understanding the impact of the implementation on the overall end-to-end process is as important as getting the new system up and running.   However, it isn’t only a matter of deciding whether or […]

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Global Travel & Expense Process Transformation

There are great efficiency and compliance opportunities for Shared Services organizations that consolidate their Travel & Expense programs globally. The challenges of crossing borders and attaining global leverage may be great, but the benefits have been significant for those who have embarked on this initiative. A recent Peeriosity PeercastTM in the Corporate Card research area […]

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Purchasing Card Program Management and Geographic Support

An effective Purchasing Card Program can add significant value to a company through cost savings, simplicity, and reporting transparency. Successful implementations require proper planning and execution to avoid sub-optimal or possibly negative ramifications. Recent Peeriosity Benchmarking of organizational structures indicated that the vast majority of companies have their  Shared Services organizations manage their Purchasing Card […]

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Multi-National T&E Card Programs – Achieving Global Scale and Local Flexibility

Recently, a Peeriosity member company launched a poll question within the Corporate Card research area targeted to the Corporate Card Managers from global organizations. The question turned into some great collaboration on best practices to attain the objectives of global scale for cost benefits, as well as to preserve the flexibility to maintain or enhance […]

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US credit cards and international travel

US Credit Cards and International Travel – Recipe for Frustration?

A recent member-submitted poll question within the Peeriosity Corporate Card research area served as a catalyst for an excellent discussion in regards to providing corporate travelers with a credit card that can work in all locations outside the US. Over 75% of the poll respondents, representing travel-card managers from leading global companies indicated that US-based […]

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Purchasing Card Management – Recent Advances for Transformation

Several viable alternatives exist for efficiently managing Purchasing Card (“PCard”) receipts, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A recent Peeriosity webcast within the Corporate Card research area highlighted some of the best practice methodologies that a number of our members have implemented, realizing both cost savings and increased compliance. A poll of […]

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How Global is your Travel and Expense Program?

Consolidating and standardizing functions and getting global leverage makes sense but is it possible to take on a global T&E program in shared services given all the local country variations? On a recent Peeriosity Webcast within the Corporate Card Research Area, a member company talked about the challenges they faced in implementing a global T&E […]

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