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Strategies to Simplify the Purchasing Card Process

Whether you are implementing a new Purchasing Card program or expanding one that is already in operation, one of the greatest challenges is getting the balance right between necessary business controls and the associated cost and complication of compliance, ease of use issues, and expanding penetration to cover a greater percentage of low-dollar purchases. The […]

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Purchasing Card Audit Best Practices

The shiny silver bullet for reducing cost and complexity via a robust purchasing card (PCard) program can be tarnished significantly with a purchasing card implementation that requires onerous cardholder record keeping and poorly designed transaction review processes.  While the benefit of implementing purchasing cards is widely accepted, the best approach to creating a controlled environment […]

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Thresholds for Business Class Travel

With the move to control discretionary spending in recent years, many companies have significantly reduced their travel budgets.  One opportunity to secure large gains in this space is by restricting business class travel, where the price difference for a single trip can be $4,000 or more.   Given that the most powerful executives are often frequent […]

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Automation Opportunities for Purchasing Card Processing

Introduced 30 years ago, and achieving widespread acceptance during the past decade, purchasing cards have become commonplace as a method to reduce the cost and complexity associated with purchasing low price expense items.  While the impact of reducing processing costs has been significant, for many companies the purchasing card process is years behind the travel […]

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Shared Services and the Corporate Travel Function Reporting Relationship

For the end-to-end Travel Process, Shared Services often has responsibility for the Expense Reporting portion.  The Corporate Travel function, where activities such as travel bookings and negotiating travel discounts take place, doesn’t necessarily align with the Expense Reporting process and often does not report into Shared Services. Recently, a Peeriosity member representing a $50B+ global […]

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Leading Practices in Travel Expense Receipt Requirements

When designing the Travel Expense Reporting process, it is important to consider the proper balance of business controls, potential fraud risks, and the effort required to both process expense reports and for travelers and their managers to submit them.  When it comes to process improvement, the one thing consistently better than automation is the elimination, […]

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Using Big Data to Redesign the Expense Report Audit Process

The introduction of global processes for Travel Expenses, combined with new capabilities to collect and analyze data from multiple sources, creates new opportunities for companies to make dramatic changes to how the travel expense report process is designed and administered.  One of the most highly impacted areas is the expense report audit process, where using […]

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Annual Purchasing Card and Travel Expense Benchmarking Highlights

Peeriosity members recently participated in the annual Corporate Card research area surveys for both the Purchasing Card and Travel Expense process areas. The survey collects specific information related to clearly defined activities via Peeriosity’s online data collection tools.  Excluded activities are also defined to ensure the benchmarks are comparable. Along with the Shared Services Back-office […]

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