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Controls for Timely Submission of Employee Expense Reports

Timely submission of expense reports by employees can help improve the quality and efficiency of the overall Travel & Expense process.  The longer an employee waits, the more likely there are errors or omissions, or lost receipts that require special handling for approval.  Given that frequent travelers are most likely either senior-level company employees or […]

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Concur Dominates in Travel Self-Booking and Expense Reporting

Providing front-end travel services for trip reservations and the back-end processing of completed expense reports is an increasingly common responsibility of Shared Services.  Not surprisingly, because frequent travelers include senior-level employees, investing in improvement solutions for the travel process can be a high priority, even if the actual dollar savings are difficult to quantify.  With […]

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The Widening Gap in Expense Report Auditing

With the introduction of sophisticated Travel Expense software, complete with pre-populated expense line items, and automatic checks of merchant category codes (MCC) for appropriateness; combined with the move from cash advances and the requirement to have all expenses on a credit card, the risk of loss due to errors or intentional fraud has been reduced […]

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Implementing an Effective Purchasing Card Physical Receipts Policy

The utilization of Purchasing Cards (PCards) is an undisputed best practice for small-amount purchases. However, the requirement for retention of physical receipts related to Purchasing Card transactions can vary significantly between companies, with a number of viable options available. Recently, Peeriosity performed custom research using the iPollingTM functionality to request feedback from members responsible for […]

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Streamlining the Out-of-Pocket Reimbursement Process

While companies continue to strive to minimize the frequency of out-of-pocket transactions by their employees, it is very difficult to completely eliminate this type of spending activity.  Practices around out-of-pocket reimbursements to employees can vary significantly between companies, with no single ideal solution that works for all. Recently, a poll was created using Peeriosity’s iPollingTM […]

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Successfully Consolidating and Standardizing the Travel Expense Process Area

As companies continue to consolidate decentralized operations from across the globe, the necessity to standardize the T&E process becomes quickly apparent.  Not only do employees often need to be transitioned to a different card and expense reporting system, but policies also need to be made as consistent as possible and cardholders need the necessary training […]

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Developing an Effective Audit and Control Structure for the Travel Expense Process

Centralizing travel expense report processing as part of Shared Services requires a more sophisticated approach, with travelers and reviewing managers located hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from the processing center.  Yes, placing responsibility and accountability with the department manager responsible for the expense is necessary, but that does not fully excuse Shared Services […]

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