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Shared Services Charge-Out Methodology

There are about as many philosophies on this topic as there are shared services organizations! On one end of the spectrum are those that do not charge at all and at the other, others with formalized models that detail monthly charges for all services, including shared services leadership as well as center leadership and all […]

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How Global is your Travel and Expense Program?

Consolidating and standardizing functions and getting global leverage makes sense but is it possible to take on a global T&E program in shared services given all the local country variations? On a recent Peeriosity Webcast within the Corporate Card Research Area, a member company talked about the challenges they faced in implementing a global T&E […]

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Shared Services – Beyond Finance and into Human Resources

Most Shared Services, and broader transformation efforts, are usually initiated and have as their main scope, Finance related functions. This is not that surprising as many of these activities are high volume, repetitive in nature, and easily quantified in terms of costs and potential synergies. As these transactional Finance activities deliver on the promised savings, […]

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Customer Portals – A Key Component of Order-to-Cash Process Optimization

While many organizations have implemented customer portals, many have not realized the full potential of integrating the portal as a part of a wide-ranging Order-to-Cash vision to not only enhance the customer experience but achieve significant cost savings. For years, Shared Services has integrated a large number of activities within the Procure-to-Pay process, but for […]

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Account Reconciliation Process – Automation Delivers Efficiency and Opportunity

One of the most important activities of every organization is the timely and accurate reconciliation of general ledger accounts. Early identification of accounting and control issues is critical for any number of reasons, especially for public companies. Most companies have ongoing efforts to continuously improve the reconciliation process with the objectives of pro-active early identification […]

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Global Process Ownership in Shared Services

A recent Peeriosity webcast featured an organization that has implemented global business process ownership within its Shared Services organization. Even though the company had successfully completed a single-instance SAP implementation, it found that their global end-to-end processes were fragmented and sub-optimized. The Shared Services organization was given the opportunity to implement a business process structural […]

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