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Customer Service Training for Shared Services

One of the most common questions regarding Shared Services is how it is different from corporate centralization. While both can result in savings through scale, Shared Services encompasses many attributes of a stand-alone business, including a “customer first” approach to service. From a service perspective, centralized services tend to view Corporate (with emphasis on controls […]

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Analysis Roles and Services Within Shared Services

Shared Services organizations continue to mature and provide greater analytical and decision support services to the broader organization. This journey often commences with a first step by investing a portion of savings from transactional services into analyst roles. On a recent Peeriosity PeercastTM within the Shared Services Leadership research area, the featured company discussed their […]

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Shared Services Standardization – From Process to Practice

Process standardization has long been a goal of Shared Services organizations, but not as many focus on standardizing their practices across the globe. Process standards tend to focus on end-to-end work activities while practice standards focus on how the people involved in those activities are skilled, organized, and managed. Standardized practices can add an additional […]

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Single or Multiple Instance ERP’s for Global Shared Services?

Single instance ERPs lend themselves to greater standardization and control, but can often lead to the local country or regional 3rd party applications cropping up and IT departments supporting large numbers of interfaces to the ERP. Alternatively, multiple instance ERPs allow for certain deviations, but are more costly to maintain and overall governance and control […]

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Driving the Shared Services Employee Value Proposition

Shared Services employees work in an environment that pushes for “better, faster, cheaper” coupled with the backdrop that the work can move elsewhere at any time. Leaders have the challenge of creating a Shared (Business) Services environment that offers opportunity, flexibility, and positive energy for employees. In a recent PeercastTM in the Shared Services Leadership […]

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Lean Six Sigma for Shared Services

Shared Services (and Global Business Services) organizations can drive efficient processes with strong controls as the result of the implementation of Lean Six Sigma. Coupled with a Business Process Management (“BPM”) methodology, these efficiencies can extend beyond Shared Services to entire global processes. The use of formalized quality methodologies within  Shared Services has been an […]

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Creating a Shared Services Environment that Fosters Employee Development and High Morale

The best technology and processes in the world will not deliver superior results if your  Shared Services team is not fully engaged. The challenge for Shared (or Business) Services leaders is to create and maintain an environment where their teams are performing at the highest performance levels; identifying and implementing value-creating initiatives and projects while […]

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Customer Support Models for Shared Services – The Gateway for Excellent Service and Continuous Improvement

Companies put a great emphasis on developing support models for their external customers. But what about support models for the internal customers who execute all of the activities to deliver value to the external customer? As Shared (or Business) Service organizations continue to expand into multiple functions and expanded geographies, many organizations have found that […]

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Pricing Models for Shared Services

Internal service organizations, whether Global Business Services,  Shared Services, or something similar, usually have a core tenet that they “run like a business” as a key difference from being just another corporate function. In addition to signaling a greater customer-focused approach, these organizations often charge out for their services using some type of pricing model.  […]

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