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Key Success Factors in HRSS Employee Onboarding and Training

Introduction Ensuring that new employees have a successful onboarding experience is critical as it relates to both their initial integration and ongoing satisfaction.  How major corporations structure the HRSS employee onboarding process, and the initial training that takes place for new hires, can vary significantly between companies depending on a wide variety of factors, including […]

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Making the Transition to a Global Payroll Operation

Introduction Globalization of the Payroll function is a high priority for approximately 40% of the companies with global operations that participated in recent Peeriosity research on this topic.  While the benefits of a global design can be significant, being able to overcome the obstacles to transitioning to this type of structure can be very challenging, […]

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Creating a Paperless HRSS Environment

While becoming a paperless operation is an important objective for the majority of HR Shared Services operations, actually accomplishing this can be a major challenge.  Legal and regulatory requirements in many countries across the world can be significant obstacles to overcome, with the use of innovative process design and technology often the keys to success, […]

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Measuring Productivity Across HR Shared Services

A key tenet of HR Shared Services is to be able to significantly increase productivity through automation, process optimization, consolidation, and standardization, while not sacrificing customer service or quality.  Being able to measure the success of that effort can be challenging since widely diverse processes are typically found in an HR Shared Services environment.  One […]

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Case Management Solutions as Enablers of Global HRSS

When implementing global HR or Employee Shared Services, the importance of careful process design, people management, and leveraging of available technologies are all important factors to achieving a successful outcome.   Ensuring the delivery of “world-class people services” when process delivery moves from onsite and face-to-face to remote delivery with no personal relationship between the employee […]

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Successfully Consolidating North American Payroll Operations

At many companies, the Payroll function is carried out in several locations and often on disparate systems.  In numerous cases, this type of structure can be the result of mergers and acquisitions, as well as the desire of the business units to be more autonomous.  Regardless, the benefits of having a consolidated Payroll function are […]

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Providing Tax Relief for Employee Gifts and Awards

Providing gifts or awards to employees can be a big motivator to those who have completed a special project or demonstrated exemplary performance where immediate recognition is appropriate.  While a gift or award can be an exciting moment, the event can quickly lose its luster when it’s left to the employee to both understand the […]

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