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Tactics to Effectively Manage the Relationship with Your HR Shared Services Outsourcing Provider

Peeriosity research shows that approximately 75% of companies are outsourcing at least a portion of their Payroll process.  With any outsourcing, the arrangement comes the need to provide the necessary company oversight for the outsourced processes, and the quality of this oversight can be a critical success factor for the outsourcing arrangement as a whole.  […]

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Providing Terminated Employees Access to Online Paycheck History

Many companies have either recently implemented, or are currently exploring, the option of providing terminated employees with access to view paycheck history, with the possibility of expanding access to include being able to view year-end earnings statements and other self-service functionality. This approach is not without controversy, with the benefits of reducing the support levels […]

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Understanding Manual Pay Cycles in HR Shared Services

Payroll is the one process that by definition impacts every single employee in the company.  When looking at reducing the cost and complexity of payroll processing, much attention is given to increasing direct deposit rates, using pay cards, and eliminating paper pay advices.  While all are important, for some companies a very effective approach to […]

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HR Shared Services Benchmarking: Structure, Geography, Standardization, and Sourcing

Background – A key component of a Peeriosity membership is the ability to benchmark quantitative performance in eight key process areas, and the ability to see differences in structure and design for 28 different business processes that are often candidates for Shared Services. This research abstract looks at the composite results of the structure and design […]

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Processing Termination Pay for US-Based Employees

 While reducing the number of pay cycles typically has the greatest impact on overall Payroll processing costs, eliminating special handling exceptions that require manual processing and physical checks can have a big impact on total processing costs.  The HR department’s assumption that there needs to be a manual check-in hand at the exit interview, particularly […]

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Using Electronic Pay Statements (Pay Stubs) for Big Savings in HR Shared Services

Implementing electronic pay statements is one of the biggest savings opportunities that exist in Payroll, with a potential savings of multiple dollars for every paycheck issued.  Implementing doesn’t mean “electronic in addition to paper”; it means eliminating the cost and headache of creating, printing, and distributing paper pay statements.  If your company’s statistics are good […]

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Business Continuity Planning for HR Shared Services

  Shared Services Payroll leaders know that paying employees on time is non-negotiable regardless of the circumstances. A Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”) can ensure your payroll processes can execute on time and accurately regardless of any unplanned interruptions. A Peeriosity PeercastTM in the Payroll research area featured a global company that processes its payroll in-house. […]

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