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3-Year Comparison – Number of Fully Operational Bots


More than three years ago Peeriosity launched a new research program for Intelligent Automation.   Since the launch Peeriosity members have participated in more than 50 Peercasts and over 70 best practice research polls.  This report highlights the progress Peeriosity members have made over the past three years, as measured by the number of bots that are fully operational. 

With hundreds of users participating, members of Peeriosity’s Intelligent Automation research area are able to participate in Peercasts featuring leading member companies, learn directly from others using iPolling, communicate with peers using Peer Mail, and access libraries of shared content and contributed research.  With the landscape of vendor solutions changing rapidly, and hype in the marketplace about Intelligent Automation solutions sounding “too good to be true”, Peeriosity provides members with a safe haven to get the real story and learn directly from peers on approaches that work best, where to get started, and how to set Intelligent Automation project priorities.

iPollingTM Results Review

In May 2018 Peeriosity iPolling was used to get tangible data on the number of bots that Shared Services operations had in place that were fully operational. This poll was repeated in May 2021.  While the number of bots isn’t a perfect way to measure the impact of Intelligent Automation projects, it is a leading indicator that can provide meaningful insights into the relative impact of results achieved. 

In our comparison, let’s first take a look at the poll results from May 2018. At that time, 34% of Peeriosity member companies reported that they had no bots that were fully operational, with 38% having between 1 and 5 bots.  14% were doing slightly better with 6 to 10 bots, and with no companies reported that the number of bots was in the range of 11 to 50.  Interestingly, 14% reported that they had more than 50 bots in place. 

ipolling results on shared services' fully operational bots

Now three years later, in May 2021, the results have changed with only 6% of Peeriosity member companies reporting that they had no bots that are fully operational, and with only 12% having between 1 and 5 bots.  25% reported that they have 6 to 10 bots, with 32% reporting that the number of bots was in the range of 11 to 20, with an additional 6% in the range of 21 to 50.  19% reported that they had more than 50 bots in place. 

ipolling result on 3 year comparison of shared services' fully operational bots

Closing Summary

For most Peeriosity member companies, the promise of positive results from the implementation of Intelligent Automation solutions in Shared Services has become a reality, as the number of companies who are fully implemented with multiple bots in place during the past 3 years has increased significantly.   Not only has the number with no implementations dropped from 34% to 6%, but the number of companies with more than 50 bots has also increased from 14% to 19%, and the number of companies with between 11 and 50 bots has shown the greatest increase from 0% to 38% of member companies.

What progress has your company made in implementing Intelligent Automation solutions during the past three years?  Where have you achieved the most success and what does your prioritized list of opportunities for 2021 look like?

Who are your peers and how are you collaborating with them?


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