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Expense Reimbursement for Full and Partial Time Home Based Shared Services Employees

With increased frequency, Shared Services organizations are giving employees the flexibility to work from home. A Peeriosity member recently commenced custom research to gather information regarding expense reimbursement policies for team members who work from home either full-time or part-time (as part of their full-time role).

The home office expenses in question included high-speed internet, long-distance phone service, and office supplies.

For full-time home-based employees (no company-provided office outside their home) the vast majority of these expenses are reimbursed either directly or as part of a stipend. Comments indicated that in almost every instance, office furniture was excluded and a company-issued laptop was provided. The poll results:

reimbursement method for Home-Based Employees ipolling

For employees who have an office at company facilities, but also work from home on a part-time basis, the poll results varied greatly among the full-time home-based employees.  The results showed that for half of the companies surveyed, none of the expenses are reimbursed, except under unique circumstances.  However, a sizeable portion, 33 percent, does reimburse all or most of these expenses.

reimbursement method for partially Home-Based Employees peeriosity ipolling

As with all Peeriosity polling, members have full visibility of respondents’ names by company, as well as the ability to contact them for follow-up discussion using Peeriosity’s integrated email system, Peer MailTM. Additionally, a discussion stream of comments adds further insights to the research. Some of the representative comments include:

  • For full-time home-based employees, in addition to computers and a distinct business phone line, we cover the cost of a blackberry as well as a small printer. We also provide a stipend that is intended to supplement the cost of high-speed internet and miscellaneous office supplies.
  • Employees who work part-time at home do not have any of their costs reimbursed, with the exception of broadband for employees who have designated roles in our business continuity plans.
  • Full-time home employees have most of their costs covered through a set stipend which is easy to administer. Part-time is not as clear-cut and depends on circumstances and job requirements.

How are you reimbursing your full and part-time home-based Shared Services team members?

Who are your peers and how are you collaborating with them?

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