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Providing Online Access to Pay Data for Terminated Employees


In an Internet world where it seems like everyone has a smart phone, with online access to information replacing filing cabinets and paper, both current and former employees expect that payroll related records will be easily available using either a hand-held device or a personal computer.  However, the norm is for companies to eliminate system access immediately once employment is terminated, which requires information like final pay statements or annual earnings documents to be physically sent by mail using paper documents. 

Many companies are currently exploring the option of providing terminated employees with access to view paycheck history, with the possibility of also viewing year-end earnings statements and providing other self-service functionality for former employees.  While it might be a nice convenience for a former employee, the question is whether creating a solution is worth the effort, when access might take place only once or twice over a 12-month period.

iPollingTM Results Review

Peeriosity’s iPollingTM capability was recently used to understand if member companies provide access to terminated employees to view pay information, and, if yes, how that access is provided.   

The first question asked the status of providing terminated employees with online access to view paychecks.  The results show that 44% provide online access, 6% are considering the idea, and the other 50% have either decided not to provide access, or they haven’t yet evaluated the idea for doing so.

The next question in the poll looks at how access is provided.  Interestingly, none of the responding companies are providing access using either a company Intranet site, or a company-provided external website, with 100% of the companies that provide access doing so using a third-party website.

Here are a few of the comments from responding companies:

  • Currently we send a copy by mail to the terminated employees, but we are looking to give an extra month access to our HR system Workday.
  • We use ADP iPay, and terminated employees have direct access to the ADP site.
  • Our payroll is outsourced to ADP. Terminated employees are provided with information when they leave the company on how to contact ADP to set up an external account, so they may view old data.
  • This is for the US Payroll. ADP provides employees with a user logon to be able to access pay statements and W2s post termination.

Closing Summary

As the world changes, employees and former employees increasingly want to access payroll information via the Internet, with the idea of receiving information by hard copy in the mail disappearing, along with access to fax machines or landline home phone numbers.  For current employees, providing online access is common, however, for security reasons former employees don’t typically have system access.  The exception appears to be when a company outsources their payroll process, with former employees able to access their information on a third-party’s website.

Do terminated employees at your company have online access to payroll data?  If yes, is the access to company systems or via a third-party website?

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