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RPA/AI – 2017 Status and 2018 Objectives for Shared Services


Most will agree that knowing the actual details of how your peers are designing work processes and implementing new technologies will provide the clearest road map for a successful implementation.  By developing an accurate perspective on what is possible, what the obstacles are, and the possible missteps along the way that are best avoided, it’s possible to move from novice to expert before you take the first step. Yes, your company might be the outlier that is able to “run further and faster” with a fraction of the effort, and without any stumbles along the way, but why take that risk?

When it comes to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), separating fact from fiction, and knowing the detailed experiences of your peers is critical to achieving the best possible outcomes.  Fortunately, members of Peeriosity’s RPA & Artificial Intelligence best practice research community are well positioned to understand and learn from the actual experiences of leading peers.  All within the safety and security of being part of a private professional research network, with access restricted to peer practitioners.

A recent Peeriosity PeercastTM discussion in our RPA & Artificial Intelligence research area featured three leading companies, each with significant RPA experience, sharing candidly their experiences in 2017 and their plans for 2018.  The discussion was interactive, with many questions and comments from peers.

iPollingTM Results Review

A supporting Peeriosity poll created using the iPollingTM technology explored the current status regarding the use of RPA/AI technology in Shared Services at member companies.  The results indicate that 9% report that RPA/AI technology is fully operational, with dedicated resources and strategy in place.  41% of members report that RPA/AI technology is being tested and/or implemented now, with resources and strategy under development.  Finally, 15% indicate interest with no progress yet, and the remaining 6% haven’t yet considered the opportunity.  Here are the details:

iPolling: best description the overall status of RPA/AI technology in shared services

Regarding plans for 2018, 24% of member companies indicate that they will continue on an aggressive implementation path, with an additional 28% reporting that they will be taking their projects to a fully operational level.  Of the remaining 48% of member companies, half will begin developing their strategy and testing various solutions, while the remaining 24% is evenly split between proceeding with due diligence, or having no plans for RPA/AI in 2018.

iPolling: best description for the plans in 2018 for the use of RPA/AI technology

Here are a few of the comments from Peeriosity members:

  • We have just started investigating this new technology.
  • We’ve already done a proof of concept. Now are at the SOW stage and will obtain funding and dedicate resources to implement at least 2 robots in 2018.
  • Have conducted two successful proofs of concept. Finalizing vendor and training plan.
  • Most of our service areas are benefitting from robots and we are continuing our journey with robots/AI.

Closing Summary

Similar to the hype and buzz that surrounded BPO 20 years ago, today’s Shared Services leaders can’t avoid questions about approaches and strategies related to Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.   Being able to filter through the hype and point to specific examples from peers is critical to being able to design an approach that is right for your company.

What is your company’s overall status for the use of RPA/AI in Shared Services?  What do your RPA/AI plans look like for 2018?

Who are your peers and how are you collaborating with them?


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