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Using Winshuttle to Optimize SAP in Shared Services


As companies look to leverage new innovative technologies, there is a wide range of options available, from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence applications to specialized software that automates one part of a labor-intensive process.  One such specialized solution is Winshuttle, a bolt-on application that is exclusively for SAP users for the sole purpose of simplifying and automating the uploading of data from Excel into SAP. 

With many different approaches to using Winshuttle available, even if you have already implemented it, there can be a significant benefit to knowing how leading peers are using the software.

Company Experience

During a recent Peeriosity PeercastTM, a Senior Accountant for the U.S. Shared Services operations of a $15B+ global manufacturing company discussed their approaches to leveraging Winshuttle software in Shared Services.  The software was first implemented three years ago, as part of a continuous improvement effort for uploading journal entries into SAP, which at the time was a very manual process with a high probability of data entry errors.  Since this first successful use three years ago, utilization of the software is now being pursued more broadly, with multiple uses being leveraged in Shared Services for Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Accounts Receivable, and Master Data processes.     

The featured presenter provided detailed examples of specific uses, including multiple screenshots to walk Peeriosity members through how Winshuttle was most recently used to streamline the new vendor setup process, where they achieved time savings of over 50%.  The discussion also included a review of how current processes are recorded to support the creation of scripts and Excel templates for use with Winshuttle.

iPollingTM Results Review

A supporting Peeriosity poll created using the iPollingTM technology provides additional insight by looking at how prevalent the use of Winshuttle is and the level of satisfaction member companies have with the Winshuttle application.  It’s interesting that 47% of member companies have implemented, with 3% currently evaluating and another 3% who evaluated and decided not to implement.  While it is true that 47% of member companies have not evaluated Winshuttle, when you consider that roughly half of the member companies are on a software platform that isn’t SAP, that percentage isn’t surprising, since SAP is required to be able to use Winshuttle software.

iPolling: status of utilizing winshuttle applications within shared services organization | Using Winshuttle to Optimize SAP

When examining the level of satisfaction experienced by the 47% of the companies who have implemented, 29% indicated that they are “Very Satisfied” with an additional 57% indicating they are “Satisfied”.  Only 7% indicated they were “Not Satisfied”, with 7% responding that it was “Too Early to Tell”.   Here are the details:

iPolling: company's level of satisfaction with winshuttle applications | Using Winshuttle to Optimize SAP

Poll comments from Peeriosity members on this topic include:

  • Winshuttle software has assisted our group in pulling information in SAP. The product calculated the time saving, it is a very good tool.
  • We’ve utilized Winshuttle in Shared Services, HR & Payroll for approximately 7 years, in over 30 transaction codes. It is a part of our daily business processes.
  • Have needed to work through several issues, but is a very powerful tool for us.
  • In addition to Finance, we use Winshuttle to support SAP processes for Real Estate and for Human Resources.

Closing Summary

For Shared Services operations around the globe, there are many “key practices” and “quick wins” that are not only worthy of careful consideration but are also great candidates for rapid and extensive implementation.  If your company is using SAP, and you are either considering using Winshuttle for uploading from Excel to SAP, or you are a recent adopter looking to expand how the software is used, using Winshuttle is likely to be one example where the returns are significant, with a very modest risk that you will achieve less than satisfactory results.

Rather than tackle the challenges in isolation, many of the world’s leading companies are openly sharing insights on how to best approach specific issues and challenges, with the idea that everyone can benefit from the lessons learned via the actual experiences of peers.   Once you have insight into the approaches of peers, with the opportunity to discuss specifics, many challenges can be easily overcome.

If you are on SAP, what is the status at your company for using Winshuttle software for Excel uploads to SAP?  How broadly are you using the software and are you satisfied with the results?

Who are your peers and how are you collaborating with them?


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