New for 2020! Research by Accenture


Accenture research based on thousands of Polls, Peercasts, and benchmark results as source data

  • Tapping into 10+ years of iPolling and Peercast results, including member implementation and design case studies, member profile survey results, and qualitative benchmarks on hundreds of topics most relevant to Peeriosity members. Participating companies are a cross-section of the world's largest global companies using a mix of Shared Services, Global Business Services, or Integrated Services designs to deliver value to internal customers.

Accenture research polls with selective member interviews

  • Using proprietary collection tools, Peeriosity members respond to Poll questions and participate in interviews with Accenture researchers to create in-depth, fact-based readouts based on direct, primary research with Peeriosity members

Accenture group discussions and results review Peercasts exclusively for Peeriosity members

  • Peeriosity members benefit from Peercasts designed to collect information and/or communicate research results and findings, with live discussions between participants for even greater clarity and insight

Accenture research findings and analysis exclusively for Peeriosity members

  • Three visions of research results are available, including 1) findings and analysis with participant details protected for use with Accenture clients and prospects, and 2) detailed results with company names and experiences disclosed for Peeriosity members, and 3) greater in-depth analysis and findings exclusively for Peeriosity members that may include private discussions with Accenture