Eligibility Requirements

Members participate in Peeriosity programs to improve their skills and help their companies. Participating to sell services or products is strictly prohibited with abusers subject to immediate termination of membership.

Individuals employed by the following types of firms are NOT eligible for membership:

Employees of Technology and Software companies will be evaluated for appropriateness upon registration.

Accenture employees who have been pre-approved may register for access to the Accenture research area, with a limited number of Accenture employees permitted to post content, create polls, or register to attend Peercasts in the Accenture research area. Accenture employees DO NOT have visibility to member contact details, unmasked iPolling responses, Peercasts, recordings, documents, benchmarking results, or any other member content that is posted in other research areas.

Commitment to Confidentiality

Peeriosity is committed to keeping all member information confidential and will never share company specific information without written approval. Members are also required to protect and safeguard member information.

Members must agree to: