Implementing Intelligent Automation at Microsoft Shared Services

Description: Like many companies across the globe, Microsoft is moving full speed ahead in implementing Intelligent Automation in their Shared Services operation.

During this Peercast, the Microsoft team will share their recent experiences in this area, including some lessons learned that they have identified up to this point in time.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Intelligent Automation - Initial Business Problem and Long Term Objectives

Background: I am interested in learning what business problem was your company initially solving with Intelligent Automation and how has that changed over time.

Poll Question: What business problem was your company solving for when initially exploring or implementing Intelligent Automation?

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  Undefined at the start 11%
  Cost Reduction 64%
  Sales Growth 0%
  Capacity Creation 14%
  Compliance 0%
  Digital Transformation 11%
  Digital Labor Strategy 0%
  Job Enrichment 0%
  Quality Improvement 0%
  Other (Please Comment) 0%
  Not Applicable 0%

Poll Question: What is the primary long term objective of the Intelligent Automation program at your company as of today?

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  Undefined 7%
  Cost Reduction 38%
  Sales Growth 3%
  Capacity Creation 28%
  Compliance 0%
  Digital Transformation 14%
  Digital Labor Strategy 3%
  Job Enrichment 0%
  Quality Improvement 3%
  Other (Please Comment) 3%
  Not Applicable 0%