So Many Opportunities... Determining What to Focus on First

Description: Project priorities are often set based on the weighting of factors, where qualitative factors can be evaluated quantitatively. How do you create a clean process for setting priorities for where to focus next, and which efforts should be scaled back or cancelled? And how do you limit company politics or "squeaky wheel" factors that can result in less than optimal outcomes?

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Process Selected for Intelligent Automation Proof of Concept

Background: With such a wide variety of processes in Shared Services in which to carry out a proof of concept for Intelligent Automation, it can be challenging to determine which would be the best to validate this type of technology. This poll looks at what process area companies have chosen and why they did so.

Poll Question: For your Intelligent Automation Proof of Concept, which major process area in Shared Services did you first select to test this type of RPA/AI technology? (Please comment on what you specifically chose)

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  Hire-to-Retire 0%
  Order-to-Cash 31%
  Purchase-to-Pay 27%
  Record-to-Report 15%
  Call Center 4%
  Other (Please Comment) 12%
  Have not yet carried out a Proof of Concept 12%

Poll Question: What was the primary reason you chose that specific process in which to carry out the Proof of Concept?

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  Specifically suggested by Intelligent Automation developer 4%
  Specifically suggested by implementation partner 12%
  Availability of internal resources in that area 4%
  Level of complexity of the process selected 27%
  Potential impact it could have by being automated 35%
  Other (Please Comment) 19%