Taking Enterprise Reporting Services to the Next Level Through Integrated Automation

Description: General Mills has created an impressive Reporting Services operation as part of their Enterprise Business Services organization. This group provides reporting and analysis services to a variety of key areas of the company, including Marketing and Finance.

During this Peercast, they will share their experiences in improving and enhancing this reporting center of excellence through a focus on integrated automation, including a look at the tools they use and their level of satisfaction with them to this point.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Taking Enterprise Reporting Services to the Next Level in Shared Services

Background: Some companies have moved to including Reporting Services as a part of Enterprise Business Services, providing reporting and analysis to a variety of key functional areas within the company. This poll looks at how widespread this trend is and challenges in consolidating Reporting Services.

Poll Question: What is the status at your company of consolidating Reporting Services into a center of excellence to deliver value to across multiple functional areas, such as Finance, Marketing, R&D, etc.?

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  Implemented with 2-3 functional areas 12%
  Implemented with greater than 3 functional areas 29%
  Approved, not yet implemented 12%
  Evaluating, not yet decided 18%
  Evaluated, decided no 0%
  Not evaluated 24%
  Tried, not successful 0%
  Reporting services is in a center of excellence, but only services one function (Finance, HR, etc.) 6%

Poll Question: What would you consider to be the primary challenge in consolidating Reporting Services to service multiple functional areas?

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  Political issues - functional managers want to maintain ownership 41%
  Staff issues - difficult to acquire talent with the breadth of knowledge 0%
  Lacking executive support / sponsorship 12%
  Systems issues - inconsistencies across functional and geographic areas 29%
  Other technology issues 0%
  Other (Please Comment) 18%