Tactics to Effectively Reach Out to Shared Services Customers

Description: Being able to consistently and successfully reach out to your Shared Services customers in such ways as training, identifying performance expectations, focus groups, etc. can be a critical success factor for your operation, but it is often an area that is overlooked by many Shared Services organizations.

During this Peercast, our feature company will share what they have learned in this important area and some steps they have taken to improve their effectiveness in this key aspect of their operation.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Approach to Securing Customer Feedback in Shared Services

Background: We are trying to understand the manner in which other Shared Services organizations receive and provide feedback to the entities that they support.

Poll Question: Which response best describes your Shared Services operation's general approach to receiving and providing feedback to the entities that you support?

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  Very informal approach, with little in the way of structured periodic meetings or communications 12%
  Semi-structured approach, with periodic performance reporting, but no formal meetings 35%
  Formal approach, with regularly scheduled meetings and in-depth performance reporting 42%
  Other (Please Comment) 12%

Poll Question: What is the typical frequency of receiving and providing feedback to the entities that you support with your Shared Services organization?

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  Weekly 8%
  Bi-Weekly 0%
  Monthly 31%
  Bi-Monthly 0%
  Quarterly 23%
  Semi-Annually 23%
  Annually 8%
  Other (Please Comment) 8%