Making the Transition to a Global Payroll Operation

Description: Globalization of the Payroll function is a high priority for approximately 40% of the companies with global operations that participated in recent Peeriosity research on this topic. While the benefits of a global design can be significant, being able to overcome the obstacles to transition to this type of structure can be very challenging.

During this Peercast, the feature company will present how they carried out this major project and what insights they learned that they can share with the other member companies.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Creating a Regional Center of Excellence for Payroll

Background: While the consolidation of the Payroll function has been taking place at many companies throughout the past twenty years or so, companies are now considering creating regional hubs that serve as Payroll centers of excellence. This poll looks at geographic models utilized by companies for Payroll and the status of creating centers of excellence.

Poll Question: Which response best describes the geographic model utilized for Payroll at your company today?

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  Global - One global location supporting worldwide Payroll processing (if a global company) 0%
  Multi-Regional - Multiple regions, each supporting Payroll processing for multiple countries 26%
  Regional - One region, supporting Payroll processing for multiple countries 21%
  Multi-Country - Multiple countries, each supporting Payroll processing for an individual country 26%
  Single Country - Single country, supporting Payroll processing for one country 26%

Poll Question: What is the current status at your company of creating one or more centers of excellence to support the Payroll process?

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  Implemented - Global center 0%
  Implemented - Regional centers 26%
  Implemented - Other centralized model 5%
  Approved, not yet implemented 11%
  Currently evaluating 32%
  Evaluated, decided no 5%
  Not Evaluated 21%
  Tried, not successful 0%