Creating a Shared Services Governance Structure that Ensures Alignment with Key Stakeholders

Description: An effective governance structure can strengthen Shared Services in a number of different ways, including its alignment with company goals, resource prioritization, and focusing on the needs of its key stakeholders on a more comprehensive basis.

During this Peercast, one of our member companies will share how they have set up their governance structure and how they use it to increase the contribution of Shared Services to the company as a whole.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Alignment On the Vision for Shared Services and the Impact of Governance Structure

Background: In many cases, it is quite possible for the Shared Services organization to be working toward a vision which Corporate and the business operations are not completely aligned with. This poll looks at governance structures for Shared Services and organizational alignment with a common strategy/vision for Shared Services.

Poll Question: Which response best describes the governance structure for setting the strategic direction and vision for Shared Services at your company?

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  CEO vision and mandate 0%
  Executive Team (CEO and direct reports) 7%
  Governance or Steering Team comprised of key stakeholders 11%
  COO 0%
  CFO 25%
  Other C Level 11%
  Shared Services Leader 39%
  Other (Please Comment) 7%

Poll Question: To what degree are Corporate, Operations, and Shared Services aligned to a common strategy and vision for the Shared Services organization?

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  Completely aligned 31%
  Generally aligned 35%
  Somewhat aligned 23%
  Changes taking place that require realignment 12%
  Other (Please Comment) 0%