Implementing a Robust Human Resources Web Portal

Description: Having an effective HR web portal in place can take a significant load off the entire Human Resources organization. The challenge is not only properly designing and implementing this solution, but then driving up usage levels by the employee base.

This Peercast will look at how one of our member companies has carried out this important effort and what they learned along the way.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Use and Effectiveness of Tier 0 Employee Support Solutions

Background: Effective Tier 0 support means enabling employees to easily find the answers to their HR-related questions through a comprehensive knowledgebase and ensuring employees receive prompt and accurate responses to their questions without human intervention. This poll looks at the extent to which a Tier 0 solution has been implemented and the related level of adoption by the employee base.

Poll Question: To what extent has a Tier 0 employee support solution been implemented at your company?

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  Implemented - Robust content and functionality 7%
  Implemented - Adequate content and functonality 40%
  Implemented - Limited content and functonality 27%
  Approved, not yet implemented 7%
  Approved, implementation not successful 0%
  Currently Evaluating 0%
  Evaluated and Denied 0%
  Not Evaluated 20%

Poll Question: To what extent has the Tier 0 employee support solution at your company been adopted by the employee base?

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  Consistently strong usage levels across the company 0%
  Usage varies, primarily by geography 42%
  Usage varies, primarily by business unit 0%
  Usage varies, primarily by employee classification 25%
  Overall usage across the company needs improvement 33%
  Other (Please Comment) 0%
  Not Applicable 0%