Streamlining the Account Reconciliation Process through Automation

Description: Account reconciliations have always been a laborious and time consuming function that has become even more important as regulatory oversight has increased in many countries. However, the good news is that technology has significantly improved over the past few years that can greatly simplify the account reconciliation process.

This Peercast will look at how one of our member companies is using this technology and what the benefits and challenges have been as a result of doing so.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Utilizing an Automated Account Reconciliation Solution

Background: A significant number of companies utilize an automated Account Reconciliation solution to improve the transparency, accuracy and efficiency of the reconciliation process. This poll looks at the prevalence of these tools among member companies and relative satisfaction levels with the software.

Poll Question: What is the status of utilizing an automated solution to assist with the account reconciliation process at your company?

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  Implemented 64%
  Approved, not yet implemented 6%
  Evaluating, not yet decided 21%
  Evaluated, decided no 3%
  Not evaluated 6%
  Tried, not successful 0%

Poll Question: Level of satisfaction with the solution utilized for account reconciliations at your company?

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  Very satisfied 25%
  Satisfied 50%
  Neutral 13%
  Not satisfied 8%
  Too early to tell 4%
  Not Applicable 0%