Entity Accounting Impacts of Large Scale Integration Efforts

Description: Integrating a new acquisition can be a major challenge across the company, and the Finance & Accounting organization certainly plays a major role in that effort.

During this Peercast, our feature company will share their recent integration experiences in the specific area of Entity Accounting and what they learned that can be of benefit to other companies carrying out a similar initiative.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Approach in Finance & Accounting to Integrating New Mergers & Acquisitions

Background: Depending on a number of factors, such as company size, financial systems, and the terms of the purchase agreement, integrating new entities as the result of M&A activity can be a new challenge each time they take place. This poll looks at how companies typically approach this type of integration and the degree of standardization in this area.

Poll Question: From a Finance & Accounting standpoint, which response best describes your company's typical approach to integrating new mergers/acquisitions?

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  New entities are fully transitioned as soon as possible after deal is closed 17%
  Some key aspects of new entities are immediately transtioned, while other activities lag behind 39%
  New entities are typically allowed a standard transition period before integration occurs 33%
  Other (Please Comment) 0%
  We have not had any recent M&A activity 11%

Poll Question: Degree to which the integration process in Finance & Accounting for new mergers/acquisitions has been standardized at your company?

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  Formal process/toolkit has been developed that is followed whenever possible 47%
  We have some structure/best practices in this area, but it is not formalized 32%
  The integration process has not yet been standardized 11%
  We have not had any recent M&A activity 11%