Lessons Learned in Driving Global Corporate Card Process Standardization

Description: The challenges in transitioning corporate card programs from unique stand-alone regional/country card programs to global standard programs can be significant. The good news is that those challenges are not insurmountable, as proven by a number of companies that have already gone down that path.

This Peercast will look at our feature company’s journey in this area and what they learned along the way as they made this significant transition.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Corporate Card Process Standardization

Background: This poll looks at the current standardization for Corporate Card programs and the challenges in increasing that level of standardization.

Poll Question: What best describes the current level of process standardization across your company's Corporate Card program?

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  Global (Three or more geographic regions, such as Americas, Europe, etc.) 63%
  Multi-Regional 15%
  Single Region 4%
  Multi-Country 11%
  Single Country 4%
  No Standardization 0%
  No Corporate Card Program 4%

Poll Question: What is the biggest challenge you face in trying to expand process standardization in your company's Corporate Card program?

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  Securing senior leadership support 0%
  Tax / legal issues across the globe 52%
  Company culture 5%
  Difficulty in having various locations/business units agree on a standardized policy 5%
  Competing priorities 10%
  Other (Please Comment) 29%
  Not Applicable 0%