Panel Discussion: Overcoming the Challenges of Global Payroll Vendor Management

Description: Carrying out the Payroll process on a global basis is a challenge, regardless of whether it is performed in-house or by a third-party provider. When outsourced, the management of this critical relationship is the key to its success and this oversight role must be properly designed and staffed.

This Peercast will feature a panel of member companies that are managing Payroll on a global basis and we will discuss their efforts to ensure the smooth operation of this process with their outsourcing providers.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Payroll Outsourcing - Number of Providers and Associated Challenges

Background: While outsourcing part or all of the Payroll function is now quite common, there is often still the need to have multiple providers. This poll looks at the number of outsourcing providers companies have for Payroll and the major challenges encountered with this type of relationship.

Poll Question: How many outsourcing providers are providing services for Payroll operations at your company?

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  One 10%
  Two 25%
  Three 5%
  Four 5%
  Five or more 45%
  None 10%

Poll Question: What is the primary challenge you face with your Payroll outsourcing provider(s)?

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  Meeting cost/efficiency goals 6%
  Meeting quality goals 33%
  Gaining alignment with our objectives and their process execution 22%
  Turnover/training issues 0%
  Communication 22%
  Other (Please Comment) 17%
  Not Applicable 0%