Effectively Integrating Mergers & Acquisitions into Shared Services

Description: Even when Shared Services is involved fairly early in the complex M&A process, carrying out the actual integration with an existing operation can be quite challenging, with issues faced in such areas as technology, culture, and overall change management.

During this Peercast, we will look at how a Shared Services operation successfully integrated the results of M&A activity at their company and what lessons they learned in doing so.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Integrating Mergers & Acquisitions into Shared Services

Background: This poll looks at the level of M&A activity experienced in Shared Services at our member companies and the biggest challenges faced by Shared Services as part of the integration effort.

Poll Question: What level of M&A activity has been experienced by your Shared Services organization in the past 5 years?

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  Very High 28%
  High 12%
  Moderate 28%
  Limited 20%
  None 12%

Poll Question: What aspect of your Shared Services operation is typically the biggest challenge as part of integrating a new merger/acquisition?

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  People 9%
  Process 43%
  Technology 17%
  Varies Each Time 26%
  Other (Please Comment) 4%
  Not Applicable 0%