Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement in Shared Services

Description: The second installment of a two-part Peercast series related to Shared Services employee satisfaction, this session will focus on our feature company's recent project to have a more focused and sustainable approach to driving employee engagement in Shared Services.

Some of the subjects covered include running employee focus groups, administering employee surveys, and creating a playbook to define the process, roles, and responsibilities to ensure the long-term integration of improvements in this area.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Employee Engagement and Satisfaction in Shared Services

Background: It is no secret that engaged and satisfied employees are the nucleus of any successful Shared Services operation. However, with a scarcity of resources and an ever-increasing list of important projects and challenges, it can be very difficult for many Shared Services organizations to focus on taking employee engagement to the next level. This poll looks at engagement and satisfaction among Shared Services staff and the level of focus that is placed on this from senior management.

Poll Question: How would you characterize the general level of engagement and satisfaction among Shared Services staff members within your organization?

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  Extremely Engaged/Satisfied 13%
  Highly Engaged/Satisfied 43%
  Moderately Engaged/Satisfied 40%
  Limited or No Engagement/Satisfaction 3%

Poll Question: What level of importance and focus does Shared Services senior management place on employee engagement and satisfaction?

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  Very Important 59%
  Important 31%
  Neutral 7%
  Not Important 3%