Expanding the Scope of Shared Services into Non-Traditional Service Offerings

Description: As Shared Services organizations demonstrate their ability to optimize processes and drive out waste, the opportunity often can arise to expand its scope of services into less traditional areas of the company.

During this Peercast, we will look at the efforts of our feature company in expanding their Shared Services operation into new service areas and what some of the challenges have been in doing so.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Transitioning from Single Function Transactional Services to Integrated Shared (Business) Services

Background: Many established Shared Services organizations have mastered providing services in the areas of Finance, HR, IT, Procurement, and other functions. Now these operations are using their established capabilities to collaborate with their internal customers to take on additional business challenges through Integrated Business Services (IBS). With this new design, companies expect IBS organizations to provide innovative services that create value for the company as whole, regardless of the potential for cost-savings. This poll looks at where companies are today with respect to implementing an IBS model and the likelihood of moving in this direction over the next 5 years.

Poll Question: To what extent has your company considered expanding the Shared Services model to include less traditional services that have the potential to create significant value to the company?

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  Already implemented 19%
  We have a plan in place and are implementing 25%
  We are working on developing plans 6%
  We are evaluating the possibilities 31%
  Not on our radar screen at this time 19%
  We do not currently utilize a Shared Services structure 0%

Poll Question: Likelihood your company will broaden the Shared Services model to provide less traditional/high value services to the company within the next 5 years?

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  Already implemented 13%
  Very likely 38%
  Somewhat possible 44%
  Not likely 6%
  We do not currently utilize a Shared Services structure 0%