Designing and Managing a Purchasing Card Program

Description: Attend this Peercast to join an interactive discussion about best practices for designing and managing your Purchasing Card program.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Purchasing Card Popularity and Usage

Background: The Purchasing Card has been around for decades as a way for companies to typically pay for low dollar value items in a more cost effective way, while also benefitting from a rebate on those purchases. As time has evolved, other methods have also become viable for companies. This poll explores the current popularity of the PCard and the degree to which companies are focusing on increasing usage of the card.

Poll Question: What best describes your experience with a Purchasing Card program at your company?

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  We have one and are happy with it overall. 35%
  We have one but would like to improve it. 47%
  We are thinking about or planning to set one up. 0%
  We have one but prefer other solutions now. 6%
  We had one in the past, no longer have one. 0%
  We don't have one, never did and have no plans 12%

Poll Question: What level of emphasis do you place on increasing the usage/volume of the Purchasing Card at your company? Please explain your efforts in comments.

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  High 13%
  Medium 60%
  Low 27%
  None 0%
  Not Applicable 0%