GBS's Role in Broader Enterprise Transformation / Ecosystem

Description: In this Peercast, Accenture will share research and findings on how Shared Services / Global Business Services drive value as part of a broad enterprise transformation.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Shared Services / GBS's Role in the Broader Enterprise Strategy

Background: This is a two-part poll series focusing on the role that GBS / Shared Services plays in the development and realization of the overall corporate strategy, as well as the outcomes of GBS prioritizes.

Poll Question: What is the primary strategic goal of your overall corporate enterprise?

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  Growth / Margin Enhancement 56%
  Customer Experience 33%
  Capability Build 0%
  SG&A Reduction 11%
  Employee Experience 0%
  Other (Please Comment) 0%

Poll Question: What role does GBS / Shared Services have in the development of the overall corporate enterprise strategic objectives?

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  GBS Leadership is directly involved in enterprise strategy development 37%
  GBS Leadership is consulted before finalization of enterprise strategy 21%
  GBS Leadership is informed of enterprise strategy along with general roll-out 37%
  Other (Please Comment) 5%