Real Life Experiences with UiPath

Description: There are a variety of excellent Intelligent Automation solution providers that provide powerful solutions to major companies across the globe.

This series of Peercasts features companies that have direct experience with these providers and provides details around their experiences in implementing and administering the use of their technology.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Utilization of UiPath as an Intelligent Automation (IA) Provider

Background: With the growing usage of Intelligent Automation, Peeriosity will be surveying its member companies about their usage of specific solution providers in this area. This is the third of a series of polls regarding some of the top providers in the Intelligent Automation space, this time focused on UiPath.

Poll Question: Status at your company of utilizing UiPath as an Intelligent Automation provider?

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  Currently Utilizing - Fully Operational 14%
  Currently Utilizing - Implementation in Progress 5%
  Approved, Implementation not Started 10%
  Currently Evaluating 0%
  Evaluated and Denied 29%
  Not Evaluated - Plan on Doing So 10%
  Not Evaluated - No Plans 33%

Poll Question: If your company currently utilizes UiPath as a provider, what is your overall satisfaction level with their solution?

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  Very Satisfied 60%
  Satisfied 20%
  Neutral 0%
  Not Satisfied 0%
  Too Early to Tell 20%
  Not Applicable 0%