Creating and Administering a Performance Scorecard for HRSS

Description: With its wide variety of processes and systems, measuring the performance of an HR Shared Services operation can be a significant effort to both design and administer. This Peercast features a company that has recently carried out this effort, and they will share how they created their measurements and the process to keep them updated and relevant.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Performance Measurement in HR Shared Services

Background: While individual process areas often have very detailed performance measurements related to cost, productivity, quality, and customer service, many times the overall HR Shared Services operation struggles to present its results in a concise and effective manner. This poll looks at the type of performance reporting being utilized in HR and how often its design and measures are updated.

Poll Question: What best describes your current HR/HR Shared Services performance reporting package for key stakeholders and internal customers?

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  Balanced scorecard that provides a mix of measures each compared to a target value within a single concise report 33%
  Formal dashboard that provides a good mix of measures, but not as robust as a balanced scorecard 20%
  Variety of measures from major process areas in a fairly unstructured format 40%
  Other (Please Comment) 0%
  We currently do not have a performance reporting package 7%

Poll Question: How often is the structure of the HR/HR Shared Services performance reporting package at your company reviewed/updated for type of information presented (key metrics utilized) and format (delivery, layout, etc)?

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  More often than annually 36%
  Annually 36%
  Every one to two years 0%
  Less frequently than every two years 0%
  No regular schedule for updating 29%
  Not Applicable 0%