Creating a Strategy to Improve the End-to-End Source to Pay Process

Description: Join this Peercast to learn about a member company's journey to create and implement a strategy to drive improvements to the end-to-end Source to Pay process, from vendor creation to disbursement. Learn first hand from the company's Global Process Lead - Source to Pay, who is part of McDonald's GBS Operational Excellence organization.

Peercast Poll Results

Poll Title: Opportunities for Improvement in Purchase-to-Pay

Background: This poll allows companies to self-evaluate their Purchase-to-Pay process and where the biggest opportunities to exist to help to drive improvements.

Poll Question: How would you rate the overall status of the Purchase to Pay process at your company today with respect to quality, efficiency and cost?

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  World class 0%
  Among the best 40%
  Good and getting better 40%
  Working to improve, making progress 20%
  Struggling a bit 0%

Poll Question: What do you believe would create the biggest impact in creating an environment to drive improvements in the Purchase to Pay process at your company?

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  Change in organization structure or responsibilities 24%
  Improved communication with customers and partners 10%
  Increased standardization 19%
  Process automation 29%
  Technology improvements other than automation 10%
  Development/improvement of a framework for process improvements such as Six Sigma 0%
  Change in outsourcing arrangements or process location 0%
  Other (please comment) 10%