Poll Title: Shared Service Queries and Workflow Management

Background: Currently, internal and external queries into our Shared Service centers are managed through email boxes. We are looking to implement ServiceNow for query management and workflow. We are looking for the level of satisfaction regarding ServiceNow and similar tools.

Poll Question: What vendor do you currently use to manage Shared Service queries and workflow?

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  ServiceNow 56%
  BMC 4%
  Atlassian 0%
  Queries managed through email 12%
  Other (please comment) 28%

Poll Question: What is your overall level of satisfaction with the vendor selected? (Please add comments)

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  Very Satisfied 13%
  Satisfied 43%
  Indifferent 22%
  Unsatisfied 13%
  Very Unsatisfied 0%
  Too Early to Tell 9%
  Not Applicable 0%