Poll Title: Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Background: The current pandemic has caused enormous disruption across the world, significantly challenging "business as usual". This poll looks at responses that companies are having to the crisis. Comments are appreciated.

Poll Question: Which of the following measures has your company adopted in response to the COVID -19 pandemic? A. Significantly restricted travel; B. Working from home; C. Social distancing in the work environment

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  A only 0%
  B only 0%
  C only 0%
  A and B 30%
  A and C 0%
  B and C 0%
  A, B and C 70%
  None of these 0%

Poll Question: Other than the three measures listed in the preceding question, has your company taken other steps or had disruptions in staffing?

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  Yes (please comment) 39%
  No, but we plan to (please comment) 8%
  No, no plans 53%